Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo - Holistic Body, Mind + Beauty Expo Manhattan Lofts, NYC

a healthy girls night out - a bevy of holistic vendors to pamper yourself, your friends and moms.

Join in the fun and celebrate CINCO DE MAYO in a new a vibrant and joyous way with so many wonderful and perfectly matched exhibitors coming together to experience this unique women’s wellness expo/girls night out. Together we can educate ourselves and each other and celebrate living a healthy life style.

CuisinEtc Catering and Special Events 
          is thrilled to be able to offer our unique 

*****  POP UP  *****
.                 VEGAN + VEGETARIAN CAFE


Come join us for a fun healthy LADIES night out coming up this Thursday May 5th, Cinco De Mayo,
and if you bring this ad, the admission
is FREE.  

With a bevy of interesting holistic vendors 

focusing on pampering your BODY, 
                          intriguing your MIND
                                   and enhancing your BEAUTY.

You will find gifts for Mothers Day from our specialist gift department, holistic practitioners, crystals and healing stones, massage, yoga and more... and come talk with us about catering your next event with a menu that suits your lifestyle.  

The cuisinEtc food is delicious, fresh and all menus are bespoke,  designed to your specifications, 
your needs and your vision.  Whether it's a graduation, a cocktail event, a wedding or milestone life celebration, we work with you to create an social or corporate event where you get to be a guest and enjoy your day with family, friends or get to spend the time shining to your boss and clients while cuisinEtc catering and special events does the work , creating a successful, smooth and flowing event that absolutely suits your vision!!

So celebrate Cinco de Mayo today, and come enjoy a taste of the CuisinEtc POP UP Cafe vegetarian and vegan offerings at Manhattan Lofts and Terrace, 
267 5th Ave. Corner of 29th St., 

your culinary fashionista, Lisa Teiger

and favorite  CuisinEtc Culinary Team 
will be featuring our beautiful displays
 + fantastic vegan + vegetarian food offerings at the  

 CuisinEtc vegan + vegetarian POP UP Cafe

@ Midtown Loft & Terrace, Booth # 26
267 5th Avenue (corner of 29th Street 
just steps from Penn Station),
Thursday May 5, 2011  

Cinco De Mayo Adobe Sweet Potato Bytes
- kissed w/ Smoky Chipotle, Cumin + Pepito Seeds
...piquant, vegan and delicious!! 
(made with vegan egg substitute 
and organic whole wheat flour)

Tropical Cancun Nacho-tini
Fresh Masa Corn Tortillas Chips 
corny goodness, 
graced with 

tropical pina y mango cherry tomato  salsa 

- kissed with fresh lime + cilantro

fresh, delicious, healthy !!
...vegan AND gluten free

12 Step Crack and Cheese
Addictively delicious 
organic brown rice pasta 
blended with Aged provolone 
and fresh asiago peppercorn cheeses
...vegetarian AND gluten free

Asian Succatosh Salad
Organic Black Beans, Edamame,  
Grilled Corn, Multi Colored Sweet Peppers, 
Fresh Cilantro with Agave 
Key Lime Vinaigrette 
served over Organic Field Greens.
...vegan AND gluten free

a chance to sample a taste of cuisinEtc Catering's delicious food with a selection of tasting dishes at extremely reasonable prices.  Keep in mind that while today's offerings are suited to the occasion - a holistic health fair, tomorrow we may be serving wild boar.  Our bespoke menus always reflect what is appropriate to the occasion...

So come for a snack, a meal or just to say hello.

are you vegan, vegetarian 

or do you just love GREAT food!!  

Come on over to Midtown Loft and Terrace
 and the Body Mind Beauty Expo Booth # 26 and experience some deliciousness today!
           ....LOVE ... LIVE.....LAUGH....EAT....DRINK....

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