Sunday, April 17, 2011

a sit down dinner celebrating family, passover tradition + spring holidays

hors doeuvres set out before dinner

... gingered smoked eggplant caviar
atop hand carved cucumber crowns
.. colorful root vegetable terra chips

...smoked salmon roulade with wasabi cream cheese 
            on mini bamboo plates or spoons
..spoons with voodoo + matza crackers
..triple crème brie slathered with apple and walnut goo

sit down dinner service
passover seder meal 

in a non traditional style

soup course
        fragrant  chicken and dill broth 
        with baby carrots + mini matzoh dumplings

fish and salad course
         please choose
         one of the following:

a  duet of fish crowns
sesame salmon tatare  and whitefish salad
perched in English cucumber cups
with arugula and grapefruit salad.
(no wheat products: gluten free)

salmon cigars
sliced smoked salmon and house made
herbed rondele wrapped asparagus
over arugula + roasted pepper salad
(no wheat products: gluten free)

new wave gefilte fish
whitefish and salmon balls
with tender hearts of romaine
drizzled with creamy horseradish Caesar
(no wheat products: gluten free)

dinner course
please choose one of the following:

wine and san marzano braised savory brisket or 
lamb osso bucco moroccan style
         tender lamb shanks braised with almonds, chickpeas,
dried plums, apricots and highlighted with citrus notes
served with quinoa pilaf and cumin + lemon kissed carrots + haricot vert

balsalmic braised short ribs
with baby bello mushrooms, pearl onions
and teenage farmers market carrots
served with truffled yukon gold potatoes, and
         lemon zest asparagus

tuscan baby lamb chops
rosemary and garlic marinated baby lamb chops
served with creamy chipotle sweet potato anna
and sauteed watercress

dessert course

a dessert sampler with
chocolate orange mousse on edible chocolate spoons
fresh strawberry mousse with raspberry garnish
rosewater scented marscapone filled apricots + pistachio
housemade meringues with sugar glitter
and chocolate covered Pesach marshmallows
please choose one of the following:
fraise romanoff
... fresh spring strawberries macerated in liqueur and fresh squeezed orange juice and served with a topping of whipped cream, served in a martini glass, garnished with an  almond macaroon “stirrer”

... matza  blintz cupakes served warm with fresh fruit salad
whipped cream no sugar
fresh fruit  salad -

... passover flour less death by chocolate  
Belgium chocolate torte with  
dark chocolate mousse and sundried apricots stuffed with rosewater scented marscapone

... crustless signature cappuccino  cheesecake
stratas of creamy coffee and espresso cheesecake
alternative for Ami: 
bananas sautéed in butter topped with marscapone

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