Saturday, May 1, 2010

we be blogging...

So exhilarating to be producing my FOURTH blog,
this time the focus is not on 
but rather a professional catering group 
that I co- founded called

talented caterers around the globe 
and their incredible events.

Coming to you from NYC but certainly going beyond 
which has been one of my many tag lines 
as a culinary fashionista and observer of trends
has taken on a new meaning.
I like to think of myself as the Faith Popcorn 
of the catering world - 
OK a bit presumptuous 
but I have always been a keen observer of 
catering trends and now have a vehicle 
to promote them with the help of many colleagues and buzzie buddies.

The blog is open to the public as well as to caterers to view
and will give you a glimpse into many creative ideas
that are being produced in the catering world by 
talented professionals and their hard working staff.

Please feel free to sign on as a follower to the new
caterBuzz blog, or to leave 
comments with your own name if possible, 
it's nice to know who's looking and cookin!!

Furthermore, if you are a professional caterer interested in 
networking with other professional caterers around the 
globe, please join us on the facebook group 
"caterBuzz"  - it's a private members only forum
and once you've told us a bit about yourself and your
catering business, we will welcome you to post questions
and answers among professional peers, 
ogle and post eye candy photos
of amazing food and events, and participate in 
ongoing discussions of issues that pertain to the
catering world.

caterBuzz, both on and off facebook,
aims to be the social media hub for catering professionals.

You and your catering company 
need to be on the cutting edge
of catering trends 
including social media and by joining caterBuzz
you will have access to great experiences 
of a vast array of catering professionals.

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