Saturday, April 17, 2010

budget catering - still fresh and delicious

Sometimes we get requests from clients who are on a tight budget for drop off service.  That is we make up platters of food - could be finger foods, platters of desserts, cheese and fruit platters, simple crudite - the goal is to feed alot of people on a tight budget and still give them healthy and delicious food.  Here are some examples from a recent drop off catering order CuisinEtc catered this past week for 200 plus guests after a religious service.
these two platters were also drop off but for the smaller segment of the event.  
we offered homemade goodies including 
apricot hamantashen, 
vanilla bean  cream puffs (some drizzleed with chocolate + some plain for those "plain jane" eaters who *gasp* don't like or cann't eat chocolate, 
blackberry bytes with chocolate chip chantilly cream, 
chocolate dusted cannoli bytes in filo tartlets, 
double chocolate walnut brownie cookies 
- more than  a cookie or brownie could ever hope to be, 
hand formed coconut macaroon pyramids, 
chocolate drizzled rice krispie treats, 
freshly baked mini chocolate chip cookies, 
minted oreo bombe truffles, 
and my personal new favorite, 
apricots piped with rose  water infused marscapone 
- did I say this wasn't fancy?  hmmmmnnn.... guess we just cann't help ourselves when it comes to great food...
the rose water infused marscapone apricot flowers are just sublime...

hand made coconut pyramids blackberry bytes and chocolate drizzled cream puffs
simple crudite platters with fancy cut veggies and low fat raspberry dip
our client requested cubed cheese with toothpicks + fresh fruit
- we added the herbed rondele wontons
grilled asparagus tips + rondele on cucumber crowns
a low carb hors d'oeuvre platter
in our fun apostrophe platters

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