Sunday, February 14, 2010

Getting their heart on - celebrating Valentine's Day + Russell's 40th Birthday

great food, excellent champagne and lots of love flowed through out the evening.

Even the chefs had a romantic dance
(in between courses + in the kitchen, of course!)

Getting Their Heart On
If your birthday happens to fall on or even near Valentines Day, it's not surprising that the plans for your 40th birthday celebration would involve an intimate dinner for two with foods that you love and the woman you love. Russell threw a great party for Savi, catered by CuisinEtc, on her big birthday a few years ago, but for his landmark birthday, his hearts desire was to spend the evening alone (well almost alone, besides the two chefs) with the woman he loves with all his heart. This couple is amazing - they are so happy together - and so much in love, that it positively glows and lights up the room.

So through the meal, hearts abound
with delicious+ decadent tastes.

Hors D'oeuvres before the 5 course meal
our favorite petit samosas with chili lime dip
heart shaped crab cakes infused with
lemongrass, peanuts + ginger
served with spicy lovers peanut sauce.

the birthday boy loved the
over the top lobster mac and cheese

butter poached maine lobster mac and cheese
(ode to Thomas Keller)

After enjoying the hors d'oeuvres
and some romantic dancing
and cuddling in the living room,
the first of 4 dinner courses
was presented in beautiful fantasy
champagne goblets (Savi's fav drink)
and immediately the compliments
were flying across the table and
drifting into the kitchen

"this is outrageously good"

enjoying the lobster mac and cheese

plump juicy ruby red grapefruit
and warm panko crusted herbed goats cheese
perfectly complimented the wild arugula,
baby organic spinach, fresh mint + Vermont bacon

Since both Russell and Savi love lamb
and especially meats that are on the bone,
rosemary infused baby lamb chops
with pomegranate glaze was perfect!

nestled on a bed of heart shaped
Israel cous-cous primavera,
accompanied by grilled asparagus bundles,
and roasted veggies,
deliciously sweet jerusalem artichokes
(neither from Jerusalem nor an artichoke)
roasted whole shallots
+ cumin scented roasted cauliflower.

Starfruit, commonly used in Trinidad,
where Savi hails from
made a delicious and beautiful garnish.

The stars are aligned for this fantastic couple!

oven roasted veggies included
jerusalem artichoke,
a creamy sweet tuber vegetable.

closeup of heart shaped israeli cous-cous
and asparagus bundles wrapped
in yellow+ orange carrot strands
This meal was made with lots of love

Originally for dessert the Valentines menu
included desserts that centered around chocolate

- however, that was the only
request that Russell had
he emailed me to say,

"As far as dessert
I'm more of a vanilla,lemon, citrus, creamy, crunchy type. "

in that mode we created the following delectable dessert...

Not Your Mama's Baked Alaska Finale
Grilled Pineapple +
Rosemary Brown Sugar Shortbread Base
with Vanilla Bean Speckled Ice Cream
and Meyer Lemon Meringue
Flambeed Tableside with Meyers Rum
by Chef Andrew Alexander-Crossan

Savi and Russell enjoying the show
as Chef Andrew flambes their Special Baked Alaska

Dark Rum is lite and poured
atop the Meyer Lemon Baked Alaska


  1. Let me begin by saying you and Andrew have made some of the most memorable moments of our lives truly PERFECT. It has been a pleasure working with you guys and you really make us feel the JOY and LOVE that you put into everything that you both do!! Now getting down to my b-day dinner "WOW WOW WOW OH MY G-D WOW" that was the best ever. THANK YOU THANK YOU

  2. thanks merry - besides catering and food, my biggest passions include photography and travel. And my elementary school teacher said I wasn't creative - HA HA!!! Own your inner artist.