Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Savi's 50th Birthday Bash - Empire Hotel Upper Westside, NYC


So we are noticing a trend happening in the CuisinEtc catering world - we are fielding many requests every week and catering at least one Indian Fusion event a month if not more.

This party was to celebrate Savi's 50th birthday

and as an East Indian woman who hails from Trinidad

some Indian fusion was a natural.

The 100 person birthday bash was held on
the recently opened HOT HOT HOT rooftop deck
of the Empire Hotel on W. 63rd,
with views of Lincoln Center and Central Park


Didn't manage to get too many photos from this event,
unfortunately, but here's a few good ones anyhow

as well as the FUN FUN FUN menu
and some great shots of the INCREDIBLE cake,

the GORGEOUS birthday girl and the FABULOUS campy centerpieces.

Trojan horse table by peaked white chairs
..floribbean orange bbq meatballs in spherical copper chafer
..tandoori corn satelite
..bejeweled stuffed apricot, pistachios & cherries
..crispy indian snacks

vertical red unit by elevators – gets moved to deck
use for wine and champagne to start

then replace with
...chickpea (hot spicy & steamed) shooter in hot pink glasses

...brie topped with mango chutney & pistachios
crackers and breadsticks
triangle copper crackers surrounding
...sunflower hummous with pita petals and black olive seeds

vertical red unit by pool UPSTAIRS
...chickpea (hot spicy & steamed) shooter in hot pink glasses
...dolmatis grecian garden with feta and red peppers on cooper triangle
... olive- artichoke tapenade on crostini – semi round copper
bottom wheatgrass and green apples at bottom

on low round table upstairs pool area
- crispy indian snacks
- tortilla chips and mango salsa in flowerpot and long wicker planter

waiter passed hors d’oeuvresserved from 8:30 – 10:30 pm

– cabana one – Andrew

…groovy ”fish and chips”
fresh tilapia fingers marinated in zesty hot sauce and wrapped in crispy potato blanket ommegang beer shots

…golden mac and cheese lollipops
zesty housemade balls of creamy mac and cheese
with peppered provolone and with golden crunchy panko crust.

…ying yang shrimp
complimentary black and white sesame crusted shrimp
small metal sailing ship surrounded by seaweed salad
atop blue swimming pool platter

…jewels of siam
filet mignon with asian glaze, fresh cilantro, basil and mint
micro dice of veggie "jewels" atop handcarved cucumber crowns

Late night food 11-12
On Trojan horse
…golden triangles
mini crispy samosas with our signature
sassy and spicy cilantro coconut dip

tandoori jerk fusion chicken drummers
served in the copper chafer

vietnamese crab coleslaw on apple riser
served in red Chinese takeout boxes,

chopsticks in silver container
black/clear disposable forks in treasure chest

cabana two – ben 8:30 – 10
…Absolut Caribbean lemongrass shrimp shooters
with island spices, coconut milk, lime zest & Absolut citron vodka

…Kyoto biscuits
seared filet mignon, served with wasabi dressing
in a mini black sesame biscuit
served in an armadillo pewter basket

Chef Action Quesadilla Station: opening for your enjoyment around 9 pm
Dramatically cooked in front of your guests –
...Eurotrash Quesadillas РGruyere Cheese, Saut̩ed Mushrooms,
Caramelized Onions & Fresh Spinach
...American Gigilio Quesadillas – Grilled Cheese, Crispy Bacon, Tomato
& Scallions. The Best Grilled Cheese Ever!!!
...Jazzy Steak Quesadilla with Chili Jam & Cilantro Glazed Filet of Beef,
Grilled Onions & Peppers

Trinidadian food 8:30 – 10:00 by POOL
curried goat, curried chicken and potato aloo with Roti

cabana four – Tom

…auntie dai’s chicken and veggie dumplings

…cows in the comforter - kosher all beef hotdogs
with ball park mustard served
in a catchers mitt amongst a field of wheatgrass.

…mini sheperds pies
lamb, peas & carrots with piped mashed potato
on green and white asian spoons

smoking lamb cigars with Black sesame "ash"
served atop Moroccan lantern with smoking dry ice

chili lime watermelon cubes
infused with margarita watermelon pipettes

…thai chicken satay lotus cups
coconut and sambal kissed
peanut chicken in miniature wonton “lotus” cups

Birthday Cake

Designer Decorated Series of Decorated "Presents"
displayed in the central cabana decorated with hanging silk
tangerine orange and lychee hot pink banners

Sweet Treats - Chocolate Dipping Pond Dessert Station
mini chocolate tacos with bavarian cream and blueberries
petit napoleons
fresh fruit tartlets


Rich Belgium dark and milk chocolate dipping ponds in art deco chafer
surrounded by dipable goodies
Such as cream puffs,
mille-feuille finger pastries
honey whole wheat pretzel sticks
rice krispie treats
fresh strawberries
baby bananas, dried fruits and more….

Including nostalgic candy display
with colored rock candy

and perennial penny sweeties favorites
such as tootsie rolls,
candy cigarettes and cigars,
twizzler licorice sticks
pixie sticks,
gummy hamburgers,
and mary janes.