Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fall Harvest in Sonoma - Freaky Friday Foodie Fest

seared ahi tuna on housemade lotus root chips

So I have been a bit behind in posting
the 2009 Fall Harvest Festival
menus and photos

check out the Saturday night event here

Friday night was actually Friday the 13th
so we dubbed the friday night event

the drift was local sustainable foods
and we were even able to get
locally raised grass feed beef from John Ford Ranch
which is right down the road a bit from
the CKA Ranch in WIllets, as well as use
herbs and veggies from the CKA Ranch Organic Garden...

Shopping in Berkley Bowl was a fantastic experience
as always
Chef Andrew Alexander-Crossan
Shopping in the fabulous produce section of Berkley Bowl

besides BB other sources for local N. California products
The SF Ferry Terminal
Healdburg Farmers Market
Mariposa Market
Whole Foods
Santa Rosa Farmers Market
The Downtown Bakery, Healdsburg
to name a few
CowGirl Creamery SF Ferry Terminal Market


stationary hors d’oeuvres
frog hollow fruit (apricot/peach) preserve
with cowgirl creamery triple crème brie
platter – cheese knife

seared ahi tuna on housemade lotus root chips

antipasto platter
...cubes of Fra Mani local Berkeley Mortedella
...rosemary manchego
...Fra Mani local Berkeley Salami Rosa Studded with Pistachios
wrapped around local california persimmons
...Boccalone (ferry terminal) spreadable salami with acme bread
...Fra Mani local Berkeley Rosemary Ham wrapped around white asparagus
...fresh from the CKA garden swiss chard confit with golden raisons + capers

sliced artisan breads and downtown bakery foccacia

Moroccan chickpea stew with preserved lemons (from the Ferry Terminal)
+ fresh from the CKA garden kale
Housemade Preserved Lemons SF Ferry Terminal - they gave the Moroccan Chickpea Stew a sublime flavor!
mini stuffed twice baked potatoes with Napa Duck confit

mac and cheese cupcakes
orchecetta with manchego, thick sliced pepper bacon, wild mushrooms + sage

slider station with Napa lamb and John Ford Willits beef
BEEF WITH tomato jam (tomatoes from CKA gardens)
lamb with frog hollow apricots, pomegranite molasses + carmelized onions

20 ingredient roasted root veggies (various potatoes, parsnip, zucchini, petit pan squash, Jerusalem artichokes
enhanced with elephant garlic, just picked meyer lemon zest, fresh from the garden rosemary + parsley

Organic spinach, watercress, organic arugula, California figs, point reyers blue cheese, , toasted pinenuts – fresh fig dressing

coconut and fresh kefir curried beef (John Ford Willits Beef)

CKA meyer lemon John Ford blackberries pear crumble with champagne sorbet

Sharfenbeger milk chocolate + pistachio coated thick sliced peppered bacon

a multitude of mushroom choices at Berkley Bowl
I counted over 20 varieties,
many of them local or northwestern harvested