Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the New Amsterdam Market NYC - ...........................a re-tradition

The New Amsterdam Market is a re- tradition
- a fabulous new NYC market that follows in the footsteps of the San Francisco Ferry Terminal Market, the London Borough Market, Las Ramblas Market in Barcelona and the tradition of yesterday years when producers of artisan products and country farmers traveled to cities such as New York to sell their delicious offerings to us city folk.

How appropriate that the site of the New Amsterdam Market is being held once a month in the footsteps of the old wholesale Fulton Fish Market (which was relocated to the Bronx Hunts Point Market Area )

Hopefully the indoor space of the Fulton Market can be restored into a glorious new retail market space one day in the near future (merely an educated guess on my part)


The resurgence of interest in artistanal foods,
the slow food movement, the quest
for the 100 mile menu and a healthy interest
in local organic and/or naturally produced
food and beverage all contribute to the need
and desire for more markets
like the New Amsterdam Market in NYC
and other urban areas.

As a citizen and a NYC boutique caterer

Thank you for bringing this
newest fantastic market to our fair city!

The next scheduled dates in 2009 for
the New Amsterdam Market will
be 22nd of November and 20th December.
Giving you enough time to order
or pick up speciality food for the
upcoming holidays such as Thanksgiving + beyond.

think organic - think local - think fresh - think delicious!

free range turkeys, crown roast of pork,
oysters for the new year,
handmade preserves + cheeses for those cheese boards,
organic chocolate for anytime!!!

With a different slant and emphasis than the
Greenmarkets, the New Amsterdam Market
does not require vendors
to be the sole growers of the food they sell.
Meaning that distributors, butchers
and makers of prepared foods,
like Fairway Markets and Basis Foods
(eg Basis Farm to Chef picks up from farmers
+ delivers to wholesale customers), can + do
participate in the retail New Amsterdam Market.

The founder of The New Amsterdam Market,
Robert LaValva is a man with a mission
read about this unsung hero here in this article
in the Soho News

Serving seasonal delicious, fresh, local
+ often organic (or naturally grown) food
creates a vibrant market that is more than
a stop on a checklist of weekend errands,
but a place that fosters a new age
of local community and social gathering.

With this type of commitment
to source regional ingredients
the by product is a natural promotion
of rural + urban economic development
of small businesses and independent farms
that we so need to support!!

and for all that + a bag of terra chips,
CuisinEtc, a NYC boutique Caterer, is very grateful !

seed art from the Hudson Valley Seed Library
heirloom seeds with local roots~!

real masa from NYS corn

turned into fantastic quesadillas
by Hot Bread Kitchen

--Bakes artisanal breads from around the world
-- Creates a community of bakers and bread connoisseurs
who are committed to preserving bread-making traditions
-- Honors the culinary experience of immigrant women
and provides entrepreneurial and job skills

Queens County Farm Museum
Floral Park, New York

fresh, seasonal produce grown on New York City's oldest working farm

torpedo sized burgers - pure beef and delicious

Monique from Roquette Catering happily rolling truffles

organic mexican style chocolate
crunchy + delicious

home/made - delicious truffles and preserved fruits

try that in your next bloody mary
- Brooklyn Brine they are Rick's Picks competitors
(both were at the market)

Brooklyn Larder was selling a plate of
herbed white beans with housemade sausage
that smelled and looked divine...

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of wandering around the
New Amsterdam Market - a very new NYC experience
outside the old Fulton Fish Market in lower Manhattan

located on South Street, between
Beekman St. + Peck Slip

11:00am to 4:00pm once a month usually on a Sunday

the vendors were all food related and came from across the eastern seaboard
and even as far as California (olive oil) and
included prepared foods, cheeses,
breads, sausages, chocolates, meats,
seafood and fish, produce, wines and more.

check out the vendor list here

meanwhile until you can get there,
please enjoy some photos of FEW of the many offerings
we had a chance to observe and sample.
As boutique NYC Caterers the CuisinEtc team
is always on the prowl for interesting new
sources and local/regional vendors to work
with as our team from CuisinEtc Catering + Special Events
produce our farm to table events
and seasonal fresh food offerings.

The vendors at the were very generous with tastings and information.

longest line Luke's Lobster
apparently it takes 4-5 lobster claws
to make one of these
lobster rolls

griddled buns ready to be "lobsterized"

basting butter into the lobster rolls


His shirt reads


Fleishers Grass Feed Meat
Kingston, NY

so many samples, so many delicious opportunities to taste REAL FOOD ........

guess someone's dogs were barking after walking round the market all day!