Monday, October 12, 2009

journeys that transform- buddist luncheon @ artist's loft NYC

an autumn luncheon in honor of shantum seth beloved buddist teacher

cuisinetc catering and special events presents a fusion american cuisine menu to honor the beloved teacher shantum seth and his guests - a gathering of friends for an afternoon of spiritual nourishing of the mind, body and soul.

american fusion fall hors d’oeuvres
• autumnal root veggie chips
• zucchini provencal with house made crostinis
• organic house made trail mix
• herbed goats cheese with apple sage chutney
• kims rosemary olives
• fresh mozzarella pinwheels with artichokes + sundried tomato
• fresh mozzarella platini with fire roasted red pepper pesto
• mini colored peppers crudite & fresh fall pomegranates

american fusion fall luncheon menu in honor of shantum seth
..scarborough fair wild mushroom bread pudding
creamy foccacia gratin of wild mushrooms, enrobed in heavy cream & gruyere cheese with parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme

...bombay bytes
our infamous mini Samosas with housemade cilantro coconut chutney

..roasted pepper & tomato soup sippers with knotted stuffed olive skewer served in glass demitasse cups atop glass chess board garnished with a bounty of colorful spicy peppers rocket + wild arugula, watercress & angelhair strands of yellow & red beets, gorgonzola blue cheese, toasted walnuts
with musto vinaigrette and wind farms peppery flavored nasturtium flowers

nasturtium |naˈstər sh əm; nə-|n nouna South American trailing plant with round leaves and bright orange,yellow, or red edible flowers that is widely grown as an ornamental. Tropaeolum majus, family Tropaeolaceae.ORIGIN Old English , from Latin, apparently from naris ‘nose’ +torquere ‘to twist.

..vietnamese catfish bhan mai with asian slaw
recipe here

..fresh Italian brown turkey figs
drizzled with lavender + key lime honeyed greek yogurt

served with brown sugar rosemary shortbread
and new york state honey comb


..all american chocolate epiphany cookies -bittersweet chocolate & toasted walnut

paradise tropical Ice tea infused with mango + passionfruit
to compliment the
beverages provided by host
(fairtrade coffee, lurisa sparkling water,
longueville sparkling cider + monkey day white wine)