Thursday, June 25, 2009

Celebrating Graduates - CuisinEtc Style....

ICE Graduation 2009
at Cooper Union
catered by CuisinEtc Catering & Special Events

yummy housemade treats produced & styled
by CuisinEtc Catering & Special Events
to celebrate the graduating class
of a unique NYC public school.
The Institute for Collaborative Education is an incredible
NYC Public School that is making a difference
in the education of our young citizens.

At the Institute for Collaborative Education,
Students, Teachers, Staff and Parents work together
and it's a place of true diversity and learning.

unique displays for fruit tartlets,
such as this natural wood shelf
atop wire risers filled with green apples

this is only half of the 40 Foot dessert buffet
that CuisinEtc put together
and over 300 guests enjoyed!

blue and white cupcakes in the school's colors

CuisinEtc cookie bonanza
- an assortment of housemade goodies
including coconut clouds, cran-orange oaties,
all american chocolate chip & rugelach

delicious refreshing fruit in starburst pattern
to honor the graduating "stars" of
the Institute for Collaborative Education
tons of fruit to start (one of 5 platters)
there was very little fruit left at the end
even with all the baked goodies
fabulous fresh fruit
is ALWAYS appreciated

CuisinEtc Housemade Goodies

coconut pyramids
rice krispie treats drizzled with chocolate
double chocolate chip & cran-orange oaties

Young and old alike enjoyed
the delicious treats and beautiful displays
created by CuisinEtc Catering & Special Events

yet another successful graduation
see you next year !!