Wednesday, July 1, 2009

.......... A Wonder Filled Walk in The Park .......... New York City's Central Park

2009 Parks Opportunity Program Awards
Catered by
CuisinEtc Catering & Special Events

Fantastic Playful Squirrels and Vibrant Green Apples
adorn the Asian Noodle Station

Colorful Garden Vegetable Dip

Skyline Crudite, Rondele with Sundried Tomato & Greek Dolmatis

A Walk in the Park "Cows in the Comforter" Display

Not every catering event has a big budget
never the less, many times the events have a big heart and support great causes.

In these tough economic times budgets are stretched further and further
yet the events still merit the care and attention a professional caterer like
Creative CuisinEtc brings to the table.

Such was the case last night as
the New York City Parks Department
honored its partners in the POPs program
(Parks Opportunity Program)
- a welfare to work program that
provided over 500 jobs this year alone
for formerly unemployed New Yorkers.

Even the summer rainstorm did not diminish the smiles,
enthusiasm and warm spirit of the evening.
The event was held in Central Park's oldest building
the Arsenal, originally scheduled for the rooftop garden
but due to the rain, was held in the 3rd floor gallery
which featured a lovely painting exhibition.

The rooftop garden which in sunny weather
would have been the party space offers lovely views
of the unique nature of Central Park
surrounded by NYC Skyscrapers & historic buildings.

Central Park Arsenal Building Roof Top Garden

To honor their vendors and partners the NYC Parks Department
hosts a yearly awards ceremony and reception.
Raffle prizes included tickets to Shakespeare in the Park,
VIP tickets for the Thanksgiving Day Parade
and tickets tothe Philharmonic Concerts in Central Park.

CuisinEtc Catering and Special Events contributed
to the POPS Awards Ceremony festivities
with an economical yet elegant and whimsical
display of delicious and healthy indulgences.

Our culinary team from CuisinEtc Catering & Special Events
including event designer, Lisa Teiger
& Chef Andrew Alexander-Crossan
had great fun decorating the hors d'oeuvres table
with playful park inspired touches such as twin squirrels
Frick and Frack, who greatly enjoyed
their romp in Central Park.

Props such as the squirrels, garnered from our travels throughout the world,
and colorful ladies boots that held toothpicks add a whimsical touch that
brings delight to guests and hosts alike.

Greek Dolmatis with Feta and Red Pepper

Whimsical Decor Touches Enhance the Food

It was heartwarming to receive numerous compliments
throughout the evening on both the CuisinEtc displays and the delicious food
that was enjoyed in Central Park's historic Arsenal building last night.

The "Walk in the Park" menu included an
international theme that pays homage
to the melting pot that New York is and offered beef, chicken
vegetarian and even vegan offerings that cater to the diverse
tastes and dietary needs of any large NYC gathering.

Last nights goodies included
...Skyline NYC Crudite with Garden Dip

..Housemade Rondele Cheese
with Roasted Pepper Tapenade & Crackers

...Miniature Cones of 3 Cheese Tortellini & Roasted Corn
with Red Pepper Vinaigrette

..Cow's in the Comforter - Kosher all Beef Hot Dogs
in Pastry Blankets
served with Coney Island Mustard

..Tropical Orange Pineapple BBQ All Beef Meatballs

..Greek Dolmatis with Feta and Red Pepper

..Sunflower Hummous Display with Carrot & Pita Petals

..Red Asian Boxes with Spinach Noodles & Stir Fry Veggies
perched atop a glass shelf floating on green apples and flanked by
Frick and Frack our park friendly squirrels

..Tuscan Grilled Chicken with Sundried Tomato Cocktail Sandwiches

..Sassy Potato Samosas with CuisinEtc Signature Coconut Chutney

CuisinEtc looks forward to partnering with the NYC Parks Department
on many future events.

No matter your budget CuisinEtc always goes the distance
to make your event a Wonder Filled Walk in the Park!

For information on the Parks Opportunity Program
please contact