Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the beautiful Berkshires

a CuisinEtc Production

CuisinEtc - NYC Boutique Catering and Event Firm

division of food styling and menu consultation

in partnership
with Apogee Catering, Great Barrington, Mass.

a study in unique presentations and outstanding displays

to compliment the delicious food and fantastic service

the infamous CuisinEtc Trojan Horse Table Display
photo courtesy of Heather Katsoulis www.hklphoto.com

beautiful touches of flowers, fauna, fruits and carved melons abound

Event styling by CuisinEtc, Lisa Teiger, Culinary Artist and Food Stylist

When Dawn LaRochelle, a Berkshire boutique caterer and good catering friend needed assistance in putting together and presenting a first class event for her husband's law firm Cain Hibbard Myers and Cook http://www.berkshirelaw.com/chmc/attorney_larochelle.html"

CuisinEtc, a NYC Boutique Catering and Event Specialists

was happy to step into our Food Styling
and Event Planning shoes

and we were estastic to be able to help Dawn out once again.

CuisinEtc and Apogee Catering have partnered

on a number of high end events,

including a luncheon honoring Peace Warrior 1986 Nobel Peace Prize awardee Elie Wiesel, with an honorary degree from

the University of Vermont in Burlington, among others.

Elie Wiesel

The CHM & C event at the Colonial Theater was extremely

important to Dawn and Dennis for reasons beyond the obvious

honor of Dennis being made a partner

at Cain Hibbard Myers and Cook (CHM&C)

CuisinEtc and Apogee worked together to put together

a customized menu and highly detailed design scheme

that would be appropriate for the high end clients that the law firm

was inviting as well as for the historic venue,

the lovely Colonial Theatre in Pittsfeld Mass.

Butlered Hors D’Oeuvres

Bamboo Chix Stix

(crispy pan-fried breast of chicken steeped in a

lively lemon-brown sugar marinade

and threaded with delicate snow peas on bamboo skewers)

photo courtesy of Heather Katsoulis http://www.hklphoto.com/

Cows in Comforters

(all-beef mini frankfurters in a puff pastry “blanket”

served on a catcher’s mitt on a field of wheat grass “greens”

with a side of Coney Island mustard)

Brie-licious Tartlets

(imported French Brie, toasted walnuts

and grape salsa in mini savory pastry shells)

Ginger Rogers Kickin’ Carrot

Soup Sips with a chive garnish

photo courtesy of Heather Katsoulis http://www.hklphoto.com/

Open Sesame Shrimp

(sesame-crusted shrimp served with

a tahini-ginger dipping sauce on a sampan boat tray)

alternative presentation for sesame shrimp on long pewter leaf

Amazing Sailing Ship Basket... The Nina, the Pinto and The Santa Maria
photo courtesy of Heather Katsoulis www.hklphoto.com

Ebony and Ivory

(decadent chocolate mousse artfully

piped into mini white chocolate espresso cups)

devilish chocolate bombes and Apogee's chef Bobby's

truly outrageous

chocolate cardamom mousse

presented in belgium white chocolate

mini espresso cups

guests enjoying the offerings

Stationary Hors D’Oeuvres and Vertical Displays

fabulous flower displays and natural enhancements

photo courtesy of Heather Katsoulis www.hklphoto.com

Grecian Garden (dolmatis, marinated feta, roasted red pepper and thinly-sliced lemon)

Brazen Bruschetta
(a mouth-watering housemade olive-artichoke tapenade

atop garlic-rubbed grilled baguette slices)

the infamous CuisinEtc Trojan Horse table

made especially for Cuisinetc in artisan village of Ubud in beautiful Bali

photo courtesy of Heather Katsoulis http://www.hklphoto.com/

Bejeweled Apricots
(apricot “clam shells” stuffed with chevre and chives,
and studded with infused dried cherries and toasted pistachios)

photo courtesy of Heather Katsoulis www.hklphoto.com

Pom Pom Meatballs (pomegranate glazed cocktail meatballs served warm)

Bombay Succotash
(succulent bouquet of flowering spice-dusted baby corn)

Hummus Sunflower
(adorned with black olive “seeds”,
cucumber “stem” and carrot “petals”)

photo courtesy of Heather Katsoulis www.hklphoto.com

All in all a very successful event

Here's what Dawn LaRochelle had to say about Lisa Teiger and the services of CuisinEtc

“Lisa Teiger of CuisinEtc is one of the most creative individuals I have ever met --

and one of the few whose passion for food and food display matches my own.

Her ability to take ordinary, every day objects and turn them into extraordinary props and display pieces is mind-boggling.

As the owner of a high-end boutique catering business with a sophisticated

and demanding clientele,

I cannot imagine hiring any one else to assist me with my larger and more complex events.”

Dawn LaRochelle, Apogee Catering, May 4, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Dawn LaRochelle hired Lisa as a Food stylist in 2007, and hired Lisa more than once