Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Priscillas Graduation - Sweating in CT

Rick and Jo-Ann Babchak are long time customers who have become friends throughout the years. They are the proud parents of 4 gorgeous young woman and we are proud to say that we have catered many of the important events in this family's life. Eleven years ago we catered the "baby" of the family, CiCi's baptism and just this past weekend we catered the eldest daughter, Priscilla's high school graduation party.

This weekend was the start of record breaking horrible hot weather and unfortunately
there is no airconditioning in the Babchak residence
- although we did persuade Rick to put a window unit in the dining room
to keep the food at a cooler temperature.
The rest of the party was a hot mess, but fun anyhow....
Despite the heat everyone
from the staff
to the smallest kids
to the older relatives
and adults had a blast
- it was a fun party and we all enjoyed it.

The first hour and a half consisted of
Chef Andrew pumping out
"comfort food with an attitude"

we served mostly kid friendly hors d'oeuvres
with a few twists

...cows in the comforter - a signature presentation
of mini all beef hot dogs wrapped in a
pastry blanket served in a catchers mitt in a field of wheatgrass

...house made pizza bytes on tomcat foccacia

...meatball sliders in housemade cheddar biscuits

...moroccan salmon cakes spiced with chermoula

...tempura shrimp with sesame lemon glaze

...smoked salmon biscuits with wasabi cream cheese

...4 cheese puff cigars

...jewels of siam - filet mignon with asian glaze
atop cucumber crowns with veggie jewels

...sassy indian samosas
- mini potato and veggie bytes
served with our signature coconut cilantro chutney

...Priscilla's chicken parmesan crostinis
- a special request for the guest of honor

I think there were a few more offerings but for the moment they escape my memory

the dinner buffet was awesome - there was something for everyone
and lots of unusual offerings that the guests went gagga over

Chef Andrew Crossan and his assistant Chef Tom Kaelin
worked a flambee cheese station

using a half a wheel of pecorino romano,
the cuisinEtc chefs flambeed the cheese
with Grappa,
scrapping the softened cheese
and added orchetta pasta that
had been heated and tossed with
fabulous walnut basil pesto
that I personally
made using farmers market basil,
lots of fresh garlic, fresh california walnuts
and fruity EVOO.

I didn't seem to get a photo of the flames
but here's how the chefs did it

Tom and Andrew make a good team

and here's a photo of the kids oggling the whole procedure

for sure the flambe cheese station is a quick fire draw,

it gets everyones attention and they are always amazed

at how cuisinetc does this!

doing what cuisinEtc does best, eater-tainment...

Because the guest count of 150 or so,
was equally divided between adults and kids
(ranging from 8-18) we decided to go heavy
on the pasta offerings.

The asian crab salad featured a recipe
based on Vietnamese crab coleslaw
with julienne of nappa cabbage and carrots,
bean sprouts, fresh crab,
fresh asian spinach noodles
(yes more pasta) with a chili jam
lime & cilantro vinaigrette

The crab coleslaw is
a refreshing summer offering
and looks so pretty in the
red asian takeout boxes
sitting atop our signature apple riser.

It also makes for easy eating
since there is always limited seating
house parties like this

orange bbq glazed meatballs

a kidz in all of us favorite

(comfort food with an attitude)

cajun bbq crusted chicken fingers

don't ask - don't tell

a cuisinetc secret as to why they are so addictive...

caribbean coco loco chicken drummers

- yummer drummers - falling off the bone goodness.

thai style broccoli salad with sweet pepper rings and sweet and spicy vinaigrette

aren't our copper chafers gorgeous... the hostess was so impressed with them...

french potato salad with haricot vert, marinated artichokes and dijon wholegrain vinaigrette

minted tortellini greek antipasto salad

with chickpeas, dolmatis,

lots of fresh mint, oregano, feta, fire roasted bell peppers,

tortellini and more...

that's Ben serving the mac and cheese - we offered it two ways,

traditional and an adult rated aged pepato provolone enhanced version


Dessert was a chocolate fountain with lots of goodies to dip, a nice graduation cake and lots of fresh fruit. Let's just say that no one went home hungry!

as the guests were leaving and we got a slew of thank yous and "it was incredible and outstanding" one of them remarked that we should get a bonus for working in the heat.

well the bonus was that we still managed to have a great time and produce a great party where everyone went home happy and thinking about the wonderful celebration. I was happy to get this nice email today from Jo-Ann thanking us.

"Lisa, Thank you so much!
Everyone has been Raving about you!
Everything was perfect.
So sorry about the heat.

Your staff is amazing.
Jo-Ann "