Sunday, May 4, 2008

riding down highway one

Kimberlys Catering of Santa Cruz California - State Assembly Political Fundraiser April 2008

So the adventures of Tigerwoman, Lisa Teiger, owner of CuisinEtc, a boutique NYC catering and event planning firm, continues with a trip to California a bit of R and R combined with work and networking with other fantastic California Coastal Caterers. Many thanks to Kim Hansen of Kimberly's Catering for opening both her catering business and personal home to me for an extended visit. We spent many hours comparing notes and then I was her (virtually unneeded) extra assistant on a sunny Santa Cruz Sunday afternoon at a political fundraiser held in a drop dead gorgeous restored Victorian (appropriately situated on Victorian Lane)

So many posts were flying back and forth about the Mysterious Woman driving the B'mer down highway one with the black saint bernard and the newfie in the back seat but the reality was that Kim Hansen of Kimberly's Catering in Santa Cruz, kept me too busy talking about and helping out with catering proposals and when not doing that I was enscounced in thrift stores from San Francisco all the way down the coast to Monterey. Goodwill didn't know what hit them and thank you Jet Blue for shipping back so many goodies safely in our suitcases.
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