Wednesday, July 18, 2007

a fabulous evening with friends on park avenue

heirloom yellow tomato gazpacho
with point reyes stuffed giant manzilla olive

organic early spring california apricot tini with
pistachio encrusted rosewater profiteroles and organic fruit salsa

Our passion for dazzling and matchless ingredients and décor has fostered the development of a unparalleled network of suppliers, atypical in its range and depth. We have carefully cultivated sources of ingredients and spend many hours shopping , from the farmstand to the out of the way Thai supermarket, to insure access to the folks who grow and harvest the food, be it heirloom tomatoes, artisanal cheeses, kafir lime leaves, extraordinary Sonoma beef or fish that truly defines the word fresh.
The Classic Kitchen division of CuisinEtc, in beautiful Healdsburg California, will fedex fresh produce from our local farmers and ingredients that are otherwise rarely available in New York.

This passion for raw ingredients is what drives our menus. They are seasonal, utilizing only those ingredients at their peak. Right now in California, baby artichokes, zebra striped heirloom tomatoes and pencil asparagus are peaking our interest. These menu are inspired not only by the unique ingredients available, but by the fusion of trans global cuisines. The Mediterranean explosion as well as Pan Asian fusion is well represented by your menu choices on the following pag. We are privileged to be able to partake in making your dinner party the ying yang of casual elegance that can only be achieved with an evening of friends and family in ones own home.

here are the options we presented to the client


presented with pride,
Lisa Teiger and Chef Andrew Crossan,

Creative CuisinEtc…..
New York, California and Beyond….

Creative CuisinEtc…More Than Just Great Food
646-932-3496 707.433.7238

California Wine Country Dinner:

Hand Passed Hors D’Oeuvres:

……. California Crowns - grilled Neiman Ranch Beef Tenderloin,
Healdsburg roasted spring beets, pepato cheese & tender fresh basil pesto perched atop carved cucumber crowns

…….pacific wild salmon tatare passed in miniature cones , sushi ginger
and avocado mousse, nestled in black sesame seed bed

…… steamed ginger chicken and veggie dumplings, passed on asian spoons with edame, carrot& black sesame confetti

……. Petaluma peking roast duck pinwheels with ginger- hoisin-plum salsa and roasted scallions

…….individual passed warm crudité of lemon-thyme zucchini, cherry tomato asparagus, and enoki mushrooms served in chef carved zucchini cups nestled in warm cowgirl creamery brie-basil “fondue”

at the bar
garland of wine country grapes with PointReyes Blue Cheese
Citrus marinated olives in martini glasses
Fresh sour dough garlic parmesan crostinis

California Wine Country Dinner:

chef tasting menu: small plates
……. Organic baby spinach and zesty watercress, fresh raspberries,
peppered pecans and roasted beets– Laura Chenel Peppered Goats cheese croutons , pomegranate balsamic glaze

……shot glasses of heirloom yellow tomato gazpacho soup sips
with skewered point reyes blue cheese stuffed olives

……. Petit pan yellow & green squash roasted
with thyme & Healdburg Davero Farms Extra virgin olive oil

……. wild mushroom and truffle beggars purse with micro greens

……. organic Sonoma filet of lamb tenderloin – lavender balsamic glaze,
gingered sweet potato julienne

……. cedar planked pacific wild salmon with merlot reduction
showered with union square sunflower sprouts

……. falls mills polenta “martini” with granny smith apple,
fresh sage & Vidalia roasted onion compote

on the table: artisan brioche and whole grain dinner rolls
and pomegranate inflused extra virgin olive oil dip

California Wine Country Dinner:
……. California Apricot Jewels enrobed with
Sharfenberger chocolate & California pistachios

……. Mini grand Marnier chocolate milk shakes

……. Inside out strawberry cheese cake – long stemmed strawberries piped with creamy cheese cake & ginger cookie crumble

……. golden pineapple wedges, cascading with fresh berries

……. coffee and tea service

Creative CuisinEtc…More Than Just Great Food 646-932-3496 707.433.7238

Twinkling Lights Dinner:

Hand Passed Hors D’Oeuvres:
…. baby lamb "lollipops" with Meyer lemon-mint glaze

…. Coast to coast - pacific crab dressed with Florida key lime & Union Square sunflower sprouts on purple endive spears

…. peanut & lemon grass chicken satay lotus cups

…. piquant cumin potato triangles with coconut cilantro chutney

…. Savoury cracker jack mini cones of sweet and spicy glazed pecans
with peppered organic popcorn

…. goats cheese torta layered with sun dried tomato & pesto
on tomcat semolina crostinis

Twinkling Lights Dinner:

chef tasting menu, small plates dinner:

…. Salad of Organic Baby Spinach with Shaved Manchego,
Roasted Elephant Garlic & Buttery Herbed Croissant Croutons,
dressed with Meyer lemon & extra virgin olive oil

…. Juniper and Black Pepper Coated Roast Tenderloin of Beef
Balsamic Barbecued Onions with Horseradish & Chives

……Healdsburg Green zebra spring heirloom tomatoes stacks
with buffalo mozzarella cheese & purple Thai basil leaf

…. honey glazed tequila lime wild salmon & vidalia sweet onion rémoulade atop
petit roasted corn muffins

…. Pan Seared Seabass with Shaved Fennel and Nicoise Olives

…. fresh baby Artichoke drizzled with pancetta,
pepato cheese & Roasted Arugola Sauce

…. grilled xxoo chicken tenderloin hugged and kissed
with fresh raspberries & Laura Chenel goats cheese salsa
atop Julienne of organic golden carrots

…. Quinoa Pilaf Martini with Cran-Raisons, Mandarin Oranges & walnuts

on the table:
Crusty Kalamata Olive Dinner Rolls with Sweet Butter

Selection of Lemon Curd Fruit Tartlets
& French Chocolate Truffles

Housemade Honey Lime Greek Yogurt Lassi
with Fresh Mint, Blueberries and Strawberries

Miniature Espresso Cups with Frangelicio Mousse

and Expresso Infused Lady Fingers

Free Trade Decaffeinated Coffee andAromatic Teas


Passed Hors D’Oeuvres:

….pan seared garlic shrimp with sun dried tomato-basil glaze

…. rosemary grilled chicken satay with Dijon apricot mustard

…. mushroom truffle risotto bundles

…. eggplant capanata atop european cucumber crowns

…. mozzarella boccochini with yellow & red teardrop tomatoes

Stationary Selection by the bar:

…. Citrus marinated olives

…. semolina sesame bread sticks

Creative CuisinEtc…More Than Just Great Food
646-932-3496 707.433.7238

tastings menu, small plates Dinner:

…. roulade of sole, tomatoes, aged provolone, olives and greens
atop brioche crostinis

…. chiffonade of teen greens with blood orange segments & pinenuts ,
semolina garlic croutons & balsamic aioli dressing

…. tender rack of grilled lamb - white bean & wilted spinach
with truffle oil

…. grilled red snapper - ligurian artichoke confit
smoked tomato cognac sauce and micro green confetti

…. Gin and grapefruit sorbet palate cleanser

…. pencil asparagus bundles wrapped with Scottish smoked salmon
drizzled with citrus chive-basil vinaigrette

…. Petit housemade rondele cheese hearts garnished with edible flowers & served with house made honey mustard flatbreads & croutons

…. grana padana orzo "with roasted sweet potato & panchetta

....on the table: tomcat herbed focaccia and rustic peasant breads

Creative CuisinEtc…More Than Just Great Food
646-932-3496 707.433.7238


…. strawberries pipettes dipped in dark organic chocolate
piped with amaretto or grand marnier or liquor ofchoice

…. flambéed baby bananas and rum with vanilla bean ice cream
served in white fantasy glasses

……. Rosewater infused profiteroles enrobed
with organic chocolate & roasted slivered almonds

…. thai and americano iced coffee for that perfect spring evening

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