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wedding planning with Kerry and Jeff

So the CuisinEtc wedding of the year 2007 is coming up in a few short monthes. The bride is the older sister of the Connecticut family that are not only our clients (2006 wedding of the year) but also now part of our family and Andrew and I part of theirs.

Here's a picture of MOB, Debbie- nicked named Starina, the two brides - Erin and Kerry and the caterer/wedding planner - Me!
we had a blast visiting Roton Point on 07-07-07 - a very lucky day
Kerry, Jeff, Andrew and I took measurements and schemed out an elaborate decor theme that will involve draping gorgeous fabrics from the beautiful porch ceiling to create a more intimate space and includes a bridal lounge area with a tequila shot bar, couches, palm trees and MORE.... Cann't wait to execute all the exciting plans for this wedding. Next week we will be purchasing the chocolate brown, hot dusty pink and tangerine material to make table toppers, drape the ceilings and create curtains and swags. Already found perfect pillar candles in the deep warm mexican sunset colors that Kerry picked out and pretty little votives in tangerine and hot pink to hang about the stations and lounge area. My good friend Dawn LaRochelle of Sarada Catering in the Berkshires will be helping with the surprise dessert finale that we are planning. She and I are both master bakers so together we have so much fun creating speciality goodies and treats utilizing chocolate and fruit particularly... The grooms favorite is chocolate dipped strawberries and cheesecake, we are planning a fusion of the two with a cheesecake filled luscious strawberries drizzled with dark and white chocolate and sprinkled with graham cracker crumble. Mnnnmn... my mouth is watering just thinking about them... Perhaps I should make my famous bullseye cappucino cheesecake which has concentric circles of coffee and vanilla bean cheesecake on a light cinnamon infused crust.

Kerry and Jeff meet while working for Danny Meyers of the Union Square Restaurant Group so to say they are into food is an understatement. Together, we have spent countless hours going over food concepts and creating a unique menu and wedding plan. CuisinEtc is priviledged to be able to make their vision come alive and the details are quite amazing.

Here's a peak at the menu that guests will be enjoying on a late summer afternoon in September on the Long Island Sound at the historic Roton Point Sailing Club.

Kerry and Jeff’s Wedding Celebration Menu

Passed Trans Global Fusion Hors D’oeuvres
…absolut island shrimp shooters
…auntie dai's chicken dumplings on asian spoons
…fried clam po boy in mini biscuits with louisana remoulade
…real crab coleslaw tossed with cilantro lime chili jam
in crispy wonton cups
…mojito chicken bytes
rum, lime and mint glazed drunken chicken with pineapple salsa
…peking duck rolls
…foie gras something (haven’t decided yet – this got taken off menu but we want to put back as surprise for bride and groom maybe just something for them )
…moroccan pinwheels - white bean tapenade, fresh spinach & lemon scented carrots marinated feta and herb skewers
…tilapia taco with guacamole & black bean salsa
…rosemary lamb satay with pomegranate glaze
…mini potato samosas with coconut chutney
…cocktail cheeseburger sliders

Tuscan Table with Cheeses & Antipasto
some of the possible cheeses
piave – cows milk cheese
montastasio –italian hard cheese
reggiano parmesano
rondele torta
gorgonzola dolce
chevre goats cheese
st andrew triple cream brie
sicilian caponata
roasted red and yellow peppers
italian seafood salad with calamari and shrimp or cerviche

cured meats such as sopressata, proscuitto salamis, and olives
assortment of crusty tom cat breads, crostinis & rolls

For the kid in all of us (to keep the plain jane eaters and kids happy)
traditional creamy mac and cheese served in asian to go containers
italian homemade chicken fingers
orange bbq meatballs

Med Rim Dinner stations – Kerry and Jeff’s Wedding Celebration

The style of service that Kerry and Jeff have chosen will entail a series of six round dinner stations dotted around the inner room where the bar is located.
The round table format makes each station approachable by guests at any time and from different angles, so that there should be little or no lines and a true sense of casual elegance, with lots of grazing and enjoyment.

The various stations include a medley of Mediterranean fusion cuisine focusing on rustic Italian offerings along with Spanish Tapas.

Italian Dinner Stations
Michaelangelo Chef Station
….michaelangelo pasta with roasted heirloom tomatoes,
fresh basil, roasted garlic and extra virgin olive oil

….fresh mozzarella cheese, farmstand heirloom
tomatoes & fresh basil drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and freshly ground pepper
….tomcat artisan breads
….rustic sesame bread sticks
….dried pasta display
plus cheese and antipasto cart from the cocktail hour

Filet Mignon Action Station
….roasted rosemary filet mignon carved to order by Chef Andrew
rosemary aioli
whole grain mustard
….roasted and grilled vegetable display
….tomcat artisan breads

Capri Short Plate Station
swordfish pagodas – seared cubes of swordfish with peapods & sweet 100 cherry tomato

accompanied by
rosemary roasted potato & marinated artichokes

Spanish Tapas Dinner Stations
Hot Tapas Espangnole

….abondigas – pork & beef meatballs with smoky paprika and almonds
….medley of sautéed mushrooms bacon, sage, garlic and parsley

….esclavida catalan - spanish style med rim vegetable ratatouille (or something similar format)
….rustic bread sticks & housemade flatbreads

Barcalona Paella & Tortilla Espangnole Bar -waiter service station
…. saffron chicken and chorizo paella served hot from an oversized paella pan

…. tortilla espagnole - potato onion roasted pepper frittatta diamonds
Dali’s Salad & Croquette Tapas self serve with wait staff replenishing
…. croquetas de pollo y jamon - warm chicken, ham and potato croquettes
…. chick peas and spinach sevillana displayed in “Dali “esque hot pink shot glasses
…. orange spinach & watercress salad with citrus misto and spanish evoo vinaigrette

Dessert Offerings - a work in progress - some of the details are meant to be a surprise for the bride and groom so you'll have to wait til post wedding for the complete menu but the final indulgence will include

Cupcake Wedding Cake – utilizing the hot pink, tangerine and chocolate brown colors

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries because this is one of Groom Jeff's favorites

We are in the midsts of creating all sorts of fabulous dessert menus
a virtual viennesse table updated to the 21st century.

Our passion for dazzling and matchless ingredients and décor has fostered the development of a unparalleled network of suppliers, atypical in its range and depth. We have carefully cultivated sources of ingredients and spend many hours shopping , from the farmstand to the out of the way Thai supermarket, to insure access to the folks who grow and harvest the food, be it heirloom tomatoes, artisanal cheeses, kafir lime leaves, extraordinary beef or fish that truly defines the word fresh.

This passion for raw ingredients is what drives our menus. They are seasonal, utilizing only those ingredients at their peak. The menu is inspired not only by the unique ingredients available, but by the fusion of trans global cuisines. The Mediterranean explosion as well as Pan Asian fusion is well represented by Kerry and Jeff’s choices for their wedding celebration. We are privileged to be able to partake in making this an incredible day of celebration for you, your wonderful family and cherished friends.

Creative CuisinEtc
a NYC boutique wedding caterer

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