Monday, July 9, 2007

Some times even an old hand like me comes across a cooking term that stumps me. What the heck is a ciruela?

According to one of my on line catering buddies, a ciruela is a fruit. but not any specific fruit. more of a style of fruit. (think stone fruit)

plums are called ciruela. all types of plums.
Jocote, cimarron, and nance are called ciruela.
some call a nectarine a ciruela.

just about any fruit that has a plastic like smooth skin and a large seed is called ciruela.

it is sorta like the term squash. the name covers alot of different things.

information courtesy of one of my catering buddies Max Xavier of Mexico

here's another one that might stump some of you. Here in NYC we often are able to get dragon fruit at Manhattan Produce in Chelsea Market over on 9th Avenue and 16th Street.

QUestion of the day,

desribe a rambutan

- what is it a kissing cousin to?

Where and on what continents do they grow?

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