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Garden of Eating - A springtime surprise birthday celebration in Larchmont

Planning a surprise birthday party for your wife?   Take a look at this lovely surprise birthday celebration event cuisinEtc recently had the honor of catering in Larchmont, Westchester, New York.

Imagine a lovely evening with warm breezes .... as the guests enter your charming home in the air wafts the aroma of delicious food and celebration to come in honor of your wife's special birthday.   

Our professional wait staff then begin circulating with whimsically presented array of tapas and hors d’oeuvres along with savory dinner food and grazing stations and with the option to conclude with sweet treats.

The following menu that our client hosted is one example that provides a composite of multi-ethnic nibbles, offering a diversity of exciting yet recognizable choices for you and your guests to enjoy in honor of your wife’s surprise birthday celebration. 

This is just one example, so bear in mind we work with you to discover what your needs and tastes are and that helps us create YOUR menu !!
Our menus are custom designed to what is suitable for your taste and style.  Call Lisa during normal business hours at 646-932-3496 to discuss your event or send an email 24/7.

Meanwhile, fair warning:  don't read while hungry!!!

A May birthday Bash Menu:
--> A Colorful Crudite Garden Palate of
Artisan Breads & International Spreads :  
vegetarian and vegan breads and spreads

…bee kissed kumquat & pistachio tartine
Mikes's hot honey, blood orange EVOO/NY state bee pollen sprinkled on house-made ricotta atop seeded low carb toast fingers layered with fresh kumquats + finished with Himalayan pink salt 

( low carb, vegetarian)

.....rondele garlic herb cheese torta layered with sundried tomato tapenade and fresh basil pesto  
(Vegetarian, LCHF, low carb, GF)


.....pecan cheddar 
mango chutney savory cheesecake   (gf, low carb, vegetarian)

offered with an array of crispy Gluten Free rice crackers 
(vegan, gluten free, LCHF)
great for low carb high fat dieters and still enjoyed by everyone else too!

cheddar mango chutney savory cheesecake

....pomegranite roasted eggplant tomato dip + fresh cut crudité.
              (vegan, gluten free, LCHF)

cuisinEtc crudites are the cat's meow 

it's all about fresh flavorful food -
the pomegranite and roasted eggplant dip served with the crudite had all the guests purring!!

It's been said, we eat with our eyes first...
Lisa Teiger,  cuisinEtc's culinary fashionista and event designer, planned the whimsical crudite garden to compliment our client's magnificent spring view of the flowering trees in Larchmont outside their beautiful home, while bringing the outdoors inside for the enjoyment and delight of their guests.

breads and spreads for grazing table  #1creative

.....edamame hummus sunflower display  with pita petals and black olive seeds  (vegan, LCHF)

according to Wikipedia "deviled eggs (US) or devilled eggs (UK), also known as stuffed eggs, Russian eggs, or dressed eggs are hard boiled eggs that have been shelled, cut in half and filled with a mixture made from the egg yolks mixed with other ingredients."    Our customers are enjoying these old school appetizers which have revived, renewed and even re-invented  themselves in the last few years!

the most popular version of deviled eggs that cuisinEtc caterers offer is our lemon scented deviled egg - pictured here garnished with edible spring flowers from our gardens and our signature nori butterflies... other amazing tastes that profile a variety of stuffed egg flavor profiles could included British curried devilled eggs, smoked salmon topped stuffed eggs, cheddar bacon deviled eggs, bbq pork stuffed eggs, buffalo blue cheese deviled eggs, evil genius candied pancetta devil eggs just to name a few...

.....a garden of whimsical edible butterflies  + edible flowers
perched a top lemon scented deviled stuffed eggs 
(vegetarian, low carb, gluten free)
mothers day, afternoon tea party, wedding and baby shower, catering nyc  caterer
 whimsical deviled egg displays

Peking chicken wonton bites
perfect one bite appetizer
guests mingled on the porch
enjoying cocktails and some stationary nibbles while waiting for the surprise birthday honoree to arrive

lovely litte short plates 

and fork friendly cocktail food offerings
easy to eat while sitting or standing...

.....shitake mushroom + gruyere  crustless quiche, dab of saffron aioli & edible spring flowers  (vegetarian, GF, LCHF)

how fun is this - pig candy corn pudding inspiration via our catering friends in Texas  - and added bonus - environmentally friendly corn husk wrappers... 
short plates, candied bacon
 .....candied bacon & corn pudding in real corn husks.

.....korean marinated filet of beef and hard boiled quail egg lettuce wrap with kimchi carrot nappa slaw  
(LCHF,  dairy free - light spice, low carb, gluten free)

our culinary team intently concentrate
on creating beautiful delicious hors d'oeuvres
while guests mill about the open plan kitchen
during a surprise birthday party
event in Larchmont, Westchester
Tray passed hors d'oeuvres and small bites:
.. caribbean doubles – a bite sized cocktail version of the traditional Trinidadian street food – a homemade quick bread round topped with lightly curried chickpeas, tamarind chutney, pickled cucumber  + grilled pineapple relish  (vegan, dairy free)   

…east meets south
bahn mi catfish po’boy 

with creole catfish
+ pickled veggies 

- a favorite with 
the Desi Bride &
Desi Groom smoked salmon, greens + wasabi crema
on house-made chevre + black sesame biscuit fusion moroccan lamb burger slider offered on soft potato bun 
or gluten free option
on veggie slice
 herb pickled red onions
+ minted chili jam
+ feta pistachio mint “pesto”
..offered gluten free 
at guests request..

the CuisinEtc culinary and catering team specialize 

in creating Indian Fusion cuisine menu options 
for our desi catering clients!

...buffalo chicken + waffles
- piped with gorgonzola cream cheese + chives

...peking chicken wonton bytes 
with thai basil and japanese cut scallion garnish

...bombay cocktail samosas with our signature coconut cilantro chutney
 (vegan, dairy free)

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