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#vegan Plant-based eating takes on a whole new meaning with vegan catering

vegan, plant based food NYC wedding catering menus
** Vegan food is not just 
for vegans these days **
#VEGAN Plant Based eating takes on a whole new meaning with the rise of clean eating, local and sustainable food options, seasonal vegetable offerings and today's health conscious consumer.  More and more of our clients realize that they have to provide a range of food options for their guests from meat eaters to vegans, special low carb eaters, paleo eaters, guests with "clean eating" habits, plant based eating, vegetarians and vegans.

In reality, vegan food and plant based eating options
 were never just for vegans only... But todays consumers expect sexier and more delicious options than ever before!
 - If you create delicious, healthy enticing food offerings, 
most guests will enjoy the vegan tableau experience too.  

...Sometimes as a supplement to the meat, chicken and fish 
- often they might not even miss carnivore options.

At recent New York City and metro area events 
we've noticed this trend
.... the veggie options are gobbled up first!

Vegan catering offerings can satisfy a variety of dietary issues 
and we typically encourage our clients to include 
some gluten free, vegan, nut free, low carb and vegetarian selections in 
their menus to cover special diets requests that often
come up at catered events.

looking for delicious 

vegan hors d'oeuvres 
for your New York City 
wedding catering?

or plant based eating 
passed hors d'oeuvres 
or stationary appetizers 
for your teenage 
bat mitzvah celebration ?

How about for something to satisfy Uncle Joe at that Italian menu birthday celebration where the guest of honor has to eat plant based food for health reasons but you want the food to pop for all the guests?

Let CuisinEtc work with you to  incorporated these ideas and more, into vegan catering menus that are fun, delicious plant based catered events, appealing to many tastes.

We've catered vegan menus, vegetarian offerings and special dietary needs menus based on  our clients needs and vision for many years. Here are some of our NYC clients favorite catering offerings that happen to vegan and plant based eating friendly.  CuisinEtc  caters in the tri-state area, but especially Manhattan,  Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens. 

eggplant caponata - gluten free, vegan, low carb, plant based food catering menus
house-made eggplant and pine nut caponata 
served on a garlic and herb Tomcat crostini
vegan and can be gluten free, if served on a cucumber crown instead ! 
(pictured left)
a classic Italian vegan offering perfect for your NYC  birthday party catering!
gluten free, vegan, plant based food catering menus served on handcarved cucumber crowns
a colorful hummus trio 
all served on hand-carved 
cucumber crowns
..roasted beet hummus
..sriracha carrot and lentil hummus 

..edamame hummus
both kids and adults appreciate 
this colorful crunchy 
not your mama's hummus 
vegan bar mitzvah favorite finger food

Japanese gari ginger, sake + roasted eggplant "caviar"
served in a baby bella mushroom cap, cucumber crown, farm fresh yellow zucchini slice, corn tortilla cup, or brioche crostini - 
options to be  gluten free and low carb

stationary gluten free, vegan, plant based food bat mitzvah catering stations
Deconstructed vegan 
roasted corn elote cups 
using vegan parmesan, 
vegan aquafaba mayo
and zesty chili lime spice

Zesty summer corn 
+ pepper relish served 
on a torilla chip 
gluten free, vegan and delicious!

Mini fried vegan potato 
and pea samosas

Cones of tator tots tossed 
in white truffle oil and 
drizzled with sweet chili jam
gluten free, vegan, plant based food catering menus for NYC weddings
Smashed + Fried
Tator Tot Chips
can be served with
vegan sour cream
+ onion dip

tator tot chips 
gluten free, vegan

Black bean, roasted pepper 
and balsamic onion empanada 
gluten free, vegetarian 
or vegan versions  available

Asian cold sesame noodles with 
black sesame in 
Chinese boxes

Soba noodles with grilled vegetable in 
chimichurri sauce accented with pickled bok choy slaw

Smoked tofu with edamame beans and sautéed Asian greens wonton

available as a gluten free option as well

Citrus scented dolmatis with yellow + red pepper confetti
naturally gluten free plant based eating

Portobella mushroom satay 

with gluten free peanut sauce 
low carb gluten free vegan option
plant-based eating takes on a whole new meaning

vodka marinated martini olives wrapped in vegan puff pastry

Carribbean coconut 
zucchini soup sip shooters
Island style vegan, low carb and delicious

vegan, gluten free option

Roasted Heirloom tomato and onion brushetta

can be made gluten free/low carb
gluten free, vegan, plant based food catering menus for NYC weddings
Vegan Mediterranean bean salad on bamboo spoons

Med-Rim three bean medley with sun-dried tomato + Israeli green olives presented on bamboo spoons
gluten free, vegan/vegetarian
no dairy 

Almond crusted 
Zucchini Fritters 
with house-made 
Tomato Jam
vegan, low carb option

Stuffed baby eggplant 
with spinach, olives + mushrooms
vegan, low carb party offering and delicious

crostini or gluten free veggie chip 
topped with 
..Sautéed broccoli rabe/lemon/garlic 
..Tuscan rosemary /garlic infused 
  white bean
..Greek citrus marinated Fava beans
..roasted sweet potato/wasabi 

  smoked almond chard atop roasted garlic puree

..grilled eggplant with sesame/scallions
..pan roasted chickpeas and charred leeks
all these are classic Mediterranean diet vegan temptations!

Panko Crusted Olive oil mashed potato croquette
topped with muffaletta olive relish

gluten free, vegan, plant based food catering menus for NYC weddings, bar mitzvahs and milestone birthdays

Pickled Peppadews Stuffed 
with Roasted Carrot 
and Smoked Almond Pate
vegan catering doesn't have to be boring !

loaded guacamole in cherry tomato
with fresh chopped tomato, 

cilantro, red onion + lime zest
vegan kids enjoy popping this bat mitzvah favorite passed appetizer

buckwheat wholewheat pancakes 

with tomato relish + sunflower sprouts

dill s'mashed cauliflower fritter
great for serving to vegan guests 
or as a low carb catering option

A selection of  
vegan main course menu ideas 
and vegan stations offerings

Vegan Grab and Go Hors D'oeuvre Bar
..Cones of Sesame Julienned Rice Noodles
               gluten free 
..Individual Crudite with 
Petit Veggies + Heirloom Tomato 
Vegan Green Goddess Dip 
           gluten free, low carb

..Indian Potato Samosas
gluten free, vegan, plant based food catering menus for NYC weddings, Manhattan Corporate Cocktail Events, teenage bar mitzvah guests, sweet sixteen party

Grilled + Roasted Vegetable 

Carving Station
 - an amazing vegan station that 
also suits other dietary needs 
for catered events
a dizzy array of 
seasonal farm fresh vegetables 
which could include:
..lemon zest roasted asparagus
..tandoori roasted whole cauliflower

..tamari grilled portobello caps
..balsamic + oregano scented roasted ..zucchini and yellow squash
..thyme grilled fresh apricots 
  + grilled peaches
..grilled spring onion

..grilled sweet summer corn
..sesame seed grilled eggplant 

..cardamom roasted colored carrots
Market fresh vegetables, innovative chef carving station,  - perfect for Vegan guests, low carb diets and plant based eaters.
offered with fresh chimichurri sauce,
smoked paprika, red pepper + walnut romesco sauce
wasabi smoked almond and roasted carrot sauce

Assorted flavored olive oils and flavored vinegars and sea salts
to pimp up as you wish
your lower carb diets guests will appreciate this colorful vegan wedding station!!

Avocado bar with toppings - can be vegan or vegetarian offerings
Chopped tomato, pickled jalapeno, pico de gallo, roasted pineapple + corn salsa
a favorite for us Manhattan bar mitzvah caterers and at bat mitzvah events

great catering menu ideas for Vegan guests, low carb diets and plant based eaters.
guest at Latino themed
Vegan Wedding
enjoys the salsa bar
displayed in
vintage dresser drawers
salsa bar with a variety of chips
roasted pineapple salsa,
corn + pepper jelly
black bean cilantro salsa,
pico de gallo,
banana avocado guacamole

delicious and fun vegan wedding station 
another  favorite for us Manhattan bar mitzvah caterers to serve teens at bat mitzvah events in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Vegan Main Courses, Vegan Side Dishes 
and Vegan Salad Options to consider 
for your next Plant Based Event Menu

Moroccan stuffed vegetable boats 
drizzled with preserved lemon scented tomato sauce
Tofu triangles stuffed 
with toasted cashew 
nut + pea pate, 
served with sweet soy 
and sesame dipping sauce

Korean fried crispy cauliflower 

with sweet and spicy drizzle

Vegan Mac and Cheese Cupcakes
the kid in all of us  
go crazy for this tasty plant based dish!
great for bar mitzvah vegan menus
wedding late night vegan snacks
birthday party catered events

click here for link for vegan cheese sauce recipe

Oven roasted chilaquiles ancho tortillas, layered with roasted vegetables and black bean chili, fresh guacaomole and a red pepper coulis

Creole vegetable gumbo with steamed basmati rice,  okra and jalapeno corn muffin

Tempura crusted aubergine 
(eggplant) pockets 
filled with smoky tofu pate 
served with 
cucumber and coriander 
dipping sauce

mini sweet potato sheppard's pie
with thyme, basil, carrots, chickpeas
and squash in individual pots

Spagetti Squash with peanut sauce
vegan, low carb, gluten free

Italian char grilled zucchini rolatinis 
filled with roasted pepper, spinach and Vegan cheese

Chicken fried tofu with Vegan pepper cream gravy

Curried green herb falafel patties with micro dice Israeli salad and lemon scented tahini
often requested by our 
vegan brides and vegan grooms 

Vegan eggplant parmesan (without cheese) with housemade San Marzano tomato sauce

Vegan red wine mushroom moussaka -

a few main course vegan entrees
we've served at Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn catered events

Moroccan preserved lemon, chickpea and tomato rice pilaf
gluten free + vegan  click here for recipe

Havana Black Beans , Balsamic Charred Onion & Sweet Peppers 
with Carrots + Cilantro over yams 
gluten free + vegan

vegan brides and vegan grooms 
go crazy for this tasty plant based dish!

Israeli cous cous with green peas, chickpeas, 
pinenuts, golden currants, dill and mint
a main course vegan entree or vegan salad choice
we've served at New York wedding catering gigs

Nappa Cabbage/ Bok Choy / Kale / Carrot Slaw
with Sesame maple vinaigrette   
Low carb, gluten free, vegan

Pulled BBQ jackFruit tacos with Carolina slaw
gluten free, 
vegan brides 

Mustard tahini Potato Salad with Spring Onions

Italian white bean and greens sauté
with artichokes, sundried tomato, 
baby spinach, baby kale, rosemary and garlic
Low carb, gluten free, vegan

Marinated Greek Vegetable Salad and Lemon Scented Dolmati
with Oregano Cider Dressing
gluten free, vegan - can be low carb

Spinach Shaved Fennel, Pomegranate 
+ Orange Supremes with Candied Walnuts
gluten free, vegan - can be made low carb
we came up with this vibrant vegan salad 
for one of our vegan brides

Roasted Kabocha Squash in a 
Thai Red Coconut Curry Sauce 
over Green Jasmine Rice
 gluten free, vegan

These are just some of many many choices - it's food for thought - call us at 646-932-3496 or email us at 

cuisinetc (dot) catering (at) gmail (dot) com 

and share with us, your thoughts, dietary needs and desires for your upcoming special event.

Then sit back and let CuisinEtc do the work while you get to be a guest at your own event.  
plant based catering for all meals & themes, Amazing party buffet ideas for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, showers, birthdays
Guests rave about the Amazing food, that is artfully displayed. We have a large repertoire of vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, low carb, kosher-style and other special event hors d'oeuvres as well as party buffet/station/bar ideas for weddings, showers, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, fundraisers and corporate gatherings.

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