Thursday, March 10, 2016

Using Creative Signs for Outstanding Food Displays that make Your Event POP

From the catering prospective events are about the food but they are about so much more.  Often there is a theme or feeling that our CuisinEtc clients want to express through the food, venue and decor.  We work very closely with our clients to create their event, based on their vision, personality and tastes.   That goes beyond just the taste of the food and in this blog post you will see many examples of displays and creative signage for food displays and events, ranging from business meetings to rehearsal dinners to NYC weddings to Metro New York Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs.

Signature drinks signage for
NYC Soho Wedding Catering
Romantic Feel

Signature drinks signage for 
downtown NYC Rehearsal Dinner Catering
Dorothy Parker Gin and Tonic
evoked by art deco graphics
and font along with eclectic frame
click here for closeup of verbage

Each event CuisinEtc Caters is unique - both in menu and style  

This library of love vegetarian salad station 
was created for a wedding couple 
who met through Debate 
and a groom who is a self professed 
using pretty paper "book" boxes 
and writing the "titles" on the spines and covers. 

On this "fork to fish" station the cuisinEtc team 
used chic yet fun visuals such as the fish statue, 
fish platters and underwater feeling, using rocks to create 
"bubbles" coming from the fishes mouthes
as well as creating a signage that echoed the theme.

Here the food signage for Tunisian Salmon Falafel 
includes a fish graphic let guests know at a glance 
that this fabulous non traditional version of falafel 
includes a fish element.

While the cute little piggie also emphasizes that 
the Bacon and Bleu Biscuits do indeed contain PORK!
This technique either works as a magnet 
for those who love bacon 
or visually aids those who want to 
avoid pork products know what's what at a glance.
It also adds a touch of whimsy that is delightful.

Evil Genius Bacon and Bleu Bis-coni "Biscuits"
Our original signature recipe linked here in this blog post 

mac and cheese duct tape was used
to create this clever signage

Yemenite Sweet Potato Knishes
highlighted by the potato card stock
and complimentary orange platter.
Our bride for this event was an elementary school teacher.  Using a teachers gift card for this brides mac and cheese station reflected her personality and interests on her special wedding day. 
For Bat Mitzvahs and Bar Mitzvahs celebrations CuisinEtc's Vintage Television frames create fun opportunities for personalized signage.

Vegan food is still trending high and at this corporate event 
 a vegan station that was easily identified by the 
#VEGAN wooden sign on the rustic  table.  

The Vegan table also included a custom designed framed sign that complimented the look and feel of the station.  

Font, graphics and framing all come in to play 
in creating a beautiful and interesting tablescape.

Love, Laugh -
Eat, Drink and Be Married

Live, Love

Weddings, Milestone Celebrations and such evoke feelings of love 
and CuisinEtc catering uses custom designed event signage, frames and props as shown to reflect and invoke those sentiments.

Contact us today to help you create and design your special event.
Available for work throughout the USA.

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  1. I love these brilliant ideas for creative signs to display food in events. Thanks a lot for these photos. I am getting married at one of destination wedding venues Los Angeles and arranging all stuff of my own and these tips are just great for our wedding.