Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spooky NYC Halloween Party and Grub

While searching the Internet for a great NYC caterer for their family's Halloween party in the MiMA building our clients came  across several Halloween Blogs the CuisinEtc Catering + Events  NYC team had posted over the years.

Halloween Trick or Treat -  
you are in for a big Halloween Treat 
with tons of photos, recipe links 
and descriptions of FUN-TASTIC 
Halloween Treats and Spooky Halloween Decor,

BEWARE and fair warning:
fun times in the spirit of New York City Halloween reside here!

The Club Party Room at the 
fabulous  MiMA building
on 42nd Street, NYC decorated by CuisinEtc
for Spooky Halloween
fun and delicious Halloween Treats.
Happy Haunting
Food, Fun, Family!
for the kidz in all of us...
a safe and fantastic way to celebrate Halloween...
Spooky Eats and Treats
celebrating Halloween Manhattan Party Style 

at the FAB MiMa Building on West 42nd Street!

Ghostly Things are going to HAPPEN here !!
What's a catered Manhattan Halloween Party without 
plenty of ghosts, goblins, pumpkins and CANDY??
Trick or Treat! 

Enjoy the treats from 
your favorite NYC catering company...
a hip and happening Fun and freaky 
Spooky New York City Halloween Party 
designed for kids of all ages.
our friendly host family
 attempting to look scary

NYC Halloween Party Food 
and Grazing Food Station.

The catered Halloween party was awesome and even the thought of Frankenstorm (hurricane Sandy), on it's way, did not deter our clients and guests from enjoying a fun and  fabulous NYC Halloween event.
Décor black and orange Halloween décor with touches of fall colors
and whimsical fun Halloween displays

Costume Waiter Passed Halloween Hors D'oeuvres

CuisinEtc Catering + Events NYC Halloween Party Catering Specialists

one of the biggest hits of this 
Manhattan Halloween Party
...adorable all beef hot dogs enrobed in pastry
and resting in a coffin filled with chocolate pebbles.

....Hallo-weenie  Mummies - 
All beef kosher hot dogs wrapped in 
pastry “shroud” with mustard dotted eyes  

plenty of options for how to make these easy treats available on the internet, - we simply cut strips from refrigerated crescent rolls and wrapped around the all beef kosher hot dogs leaving a space for the face.  Bake at 350 F for 12-15 minutes or until pastry is golden brown.   Can substitute kielbasa, pre-cooked Italian sausage, chicken or turkey or vegetarian franks with equal results.  Can also use other bread products and even strips of filo dough to wrap the Hallo-weenie Mummies.

Byte Sized Chicken and Waffles
Sticks and Stones never tasted so good
...  Sticks and Stones Chicken and Waffles - the same pretzel coated fabulous buffalo made nugget sized and served a top cinnamon spiced mini waffles with agave maple syrup on a bed of chocolate pebbles.

Grazing Food Stations
 - perfect  Halloween treats 
                   for the kid in all of us ....

Dem Bones- a  selection of Petit Crustless Sandwiches cut into 
       Bone, Pumpkin  and Ghost Shapes
…Voodoo Pimento Cheddar Cheese
    + Chili Jam  Spread 
…Roast Turkey with Bee Sting Honey Mustard
…Peanut Butter and Bloody Jelly

.... Skulls and Crossbones Bloody Fingers – housemade buffalo chicken marinated and Pretzel panko coated boneless chicken tenders with horseradish ketchup “blood”  

Our outrageous housemade dips and spreads ,,,,
maple roasted pumpkin hummous
 & Anti vampire garlic ranch dip   
nestled into a real pumpkin

accompanied by a  RIP wooden pickup truck 
filled with pita triangles, 
crackers, Halloween blue & orange tortilla chips

Let CuisinEtc Cater your next holiday event - we offer customized menus for holidays and special occasions.

Organic Baby Carrots arranged like a pumpkin garnished with fall leaves, mini pumpkins 

Maple Agave Pumpkin Hummous Recipe

Use your favorite hummous recipe or use a pre-made good quality hummus such as Sabra brand or Trader Joe's, add a small can of pureed pumpkin, a few squirts of maple agave syrup (to taste) and a few Tablespoons of Asian bottled garlic chili 

 “Bloody Brains” Rondele Cheese Mound
roasted garlic and herb cream cheese pate covered dripping with sun dried tomato  “blood” and basil pesto goo, surrounded by crackers

Popping Eyeballs
fresh mozzarella balls, sliced olives 
and cherry tomato skewered “eyeballs”
skewered into the Halloween Haunted Tombstone

homemade mac and cheese aka DRACULONI and CHEESE 

decorated with spooky carrot strings and kale and served in halloween decorated black asian style takeout boxes

Large cauldron of turkey and black bean warlocks brew chili served hot in an elegant copper chafers to simulate the pumpkin patch surrounded by mini pumpkin decor and seasonal colored leaves served with CuisinEtc Caterers Holiday Mashed Potato Bar  (great for vegetarians). Toppings for the buttery mashed potato, beside CHILI includes shredded cheddar + scallions + sour cream. 

CuisinEtc Catering + Special Events, a NewYork City based holiday caterer will customize menus and provide decor and signage that create the complete party atmosphere.  We own a very extensive inventory of beautiful serving equipment and props that enhance your event and create a mood for fun and delicious food that can be simple or sophisticated depending on the occasion.

Happy Halloween to ALL my friends

Spooky Beverages
the good the bad and the ugly 

NYC Halloween Party Beverage Station

Spooky Green Apple Punch with Sour Green Apple Straws
and Halloween gummy worms

and Bloody Pomegranite Lime-Aide  with Floating Ice Hands

Assorted soft drinks, flavored seltzers and sodas

Snoopy and Big Little Bird
are thrilled with  the Halloween Treat Selection 

caterer:  cuisinEtc Catering + Events NYC


Let's  all give a HAND for Halloween FUN!

Devilishly Delicious Chocolate Cake Pops 
with Orange and Black Sprinkles on Pretzel Skewers

Tombstone Brownies

RIP Madeline Cookies - Buttery Madelines with cryptic message.

Witches Hats - Mini ice cream cones   stuffed with mini marshmallows, cran-raisons and chocolate chips,  brushed with milk and dark chocolate, and some Orange White Almond Bark and decorated with festive Halloween sprinkles

Body Parts Halloween Cupcakes - golden vanilla cake, chocolate fudge topping and pumpkin orange butter cream frosting with assorted candy body parts and candy corn garnish

Halloween Decorated Oreo Cookies - a perennial favorite for kids of all ages. 

mini red velvet cake bytes in festive Halloween paper cases

Fun-tastic Fingers of Doom 

- Orange and White Chocolate  Fingers on Pretzel Rods.  Spooky glow in the dark treats perched on our spooky Halloween countdown Raven and enjoyed by the Devil Himself!!!  Har HaR....

Hope y'all  enjoyed our Spooky Eats and Treats 
with love from Gemma and Cole 
and the entire CuisinEtc Catering team,  
the best New York City Holiday Caterers.


  1. Fantastic, creative event. Both high style and kitschy! Beautifully executed (Halloweeny pun intended).

    LA Rosen, Consultant
    Marketing and Special Events
    ML Innovations, Inc.
    Philadelphia, PA

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