Sunday, May 16, 2010

72 years young - happy birthday Doc - what's up...

In the early days of our Republic, older Americans were highly respected and in fact people went out of their way to look older even powdered their wigs to make them look gray.

Fast forward to today's obsession with youth.

How refreshing it was to have a client who proudly proclaimed his true age - and who garnered the respect and love of his family and friends.

72 years young was the motto of this wonderful celebration that brought together life long friends, family and diverse and interesting New Yorkers of every shape, size and age...  The menu followed suit and offered tastes of eclectic New York cuisine.

Doc as many of his friends call him loves all sorts of good food, from the traditions of his Jewish upbringing in Brooklyn to the sophistication of the many diverse cuisines NYC has to offer such as Thai, Indian, Greek, Turkish, Korean and more. 

CuisinEtc was thrilled to be able to cater for a client who gave us the opportunity to shine and produce a lovely array of offerings that was enjoyed by all.

The format was an open house with passed and station hors d'oeuvre, short plates and delicious nibbles throughout the evening.  And since the Doc's apt reflects his love of all things asian and collections from years of travel and NYC street finds, CuisinEtc enhanced the decor with colorful Budda's and asian accents.

scallop spoonful - thai coconut diver scallops 
seared and sauced 
with fresh curry + ginger coconut sauce 
passed on asian spoons

Luscious green edamame bean hummous
with pita and carrot petals
and black olives "seeds"

five bean and olive bruschetta surrounded by
artisan multi grain bread chunks

voodoo cheese pate ...gorgonzola dulce cheese pate with pecan, cranberries, scallions + topped with spell inducing voodoo sauce served with wheat thins
(thank you Dianne Evans)

the music was cool jazz as the food was flowing
...just one of 4 tables of food offerings
mamas chopped liver with Israeli kimmel crackers
grilled pineapple salsa with tortilla chips
gefilte fish endive boats

cranberry goat cheese 
piped in cucumber crowns 
with fresh mint leaf
the Budda's  gave their blessing
to this delicious vegetarian offering

not quite your mama's gefilte fish

old school homemade gefilte fish
drizzled with wasabi crema

bow thai pasta  with cilantro lime pesto
displayed in mini cones

budda looking out over
blue cheese, sun dried pear + spiced pecans in filo tartlets
Vietnamese crab salad in takeout boxes
with lime, cilantro mint and chili jam

wheatberry edamame +smoked tofu on asian spoons

herb feta cheese with EVOO and garlic and herbs with black olives

grilled salmon – teriyaki – lime zest and chives
displayed on fish platter with grilled pineapple salsa

marinated broccoli, carrots + pepper rings – ranch yogurt dip

mini peppers stuffed with Rondele cheese

Korean meatballs with carrot slaw in lettuce leaves

asian inspired pomegranite short rib sliders  
in mini buttermilk biscuits with flaxseed topping
garnished with enoki mushrooms

our imfamous sassy samosas 
always a hit with party peeps

 mac and cheese lollipops

...Italian finger pastries
...pignoli cookies
...polish chocolate covered marshmallows 
with strawberry center

...fancy chocolate dipped strawberries
and asian pink jelly rolls
...bonelle chocolate strawberry + cream birthday cake
chef andrew alexander-crossan
cuts the birthday cake

Culinary Fashionista Lisa Teiger
chats with one of the guests
the beaming birthday boy
with his lovely girlfriend Mary


  1. Lisa everything looks delicious. i wish goat cheese was easily available in delhi. the cranberry goat cheese piped in cucumber rounds looks so pretty. could one make it with a different cheese ? great work : )

  2. well what sort of cheese do you have available. Goats cheese comes in many forms and is usually tangy and somewhat smooth but firm - the kind we used was mixed with cream cheese to soften both the bite and the sweetness that came from the dried cranberries and the spices (sort of cinnamon spicy) we blended the whole thing so the white goats cheese blended with the red dried cran-raisons and became pink. Hey pinkberry mousse. how cool is that.

  3. Very Nice posting. Everything looks perfect and unique. It shows creativity in your work. Its well deserved, keep up the good work. Can't wait to see more.