Friday, March 5, 2010

Swinging Sixties Birthday Bash - you bet your bippee this Party will be fun

As custom boutique caterers we are often asked to
come up with menu and decor ideas for a specific theme celebration

This week the challenge and fun was to envision ideas for a

SWINGING SIXTIES 65th birthday bash for a client in Connecticut.

here are some menu thoughts that reflect the swinging sixties theme...,

choose 6-10 savory selections
Swiss Miss Wine + Cheese Fondue 
with Dippable crusty breads, 
baby potato + veggies    

~ Pass the Pastrami Cigars 
Spice Cured Pork Pastrami dabbed with honey mustard, 
wrapped around a honey whole wheat pretzel stick
served from a cigar box

~ Go Go Mac-n-Cheese Lollipops

Amazing balls of Moms homemade 
mac-n-cheese kicked up a bit
Rolled in panko 
Crispy Gooey Deliciousness on a Lollipop Stick!!

other mac and cheese ideas
mac and cheese station served from demitasse cups
Lobster Mac and Cheese Pots
Singing the Blues Gorgonzola Mac and Cheese
Porky the Pigs Mac and Cheese with Pancetta 
Chicken of the Sea Tuna Casserole
Mac and Cheese Cupcakes

~ Cows in the Comforter 

All Beef kosher mini hot dogs  
blanketed in pastry blanket 
+ served from a catchers mitt 
with zesty apricot mustard

~Franks n Beans 
Kobe Beef Hot Dogs with Gourmet Baked Beans
in individual mini kettle pots 

~ Swedish meatballs glazed with ligonberry sauce 
with pretzel stick "skewer"

~ Elvis' P + J  Hound Dog Pinwheels
Organic Peanut Butter, Banana, 
Strawberry Amaretto Jelly + Crispy Nieman Ranch Bacon

not your mom's Peanut butter and Jelly

~ Mod Squad Meatloaf Cup Cakes 
Mom’s beef or turkey meatloaf baked in a mini cupcake 
and “frosted” with wasabi or traditional mashed potato 
topped with a cherry tomato with a chive “stem” 
served from a old fashioned cake stand platter  
(can have a few vegetarian sheppards pie for vegetarians)

Short Plate of Short Rib Meatloaf with Gravy , 
Mashers + Petit Point Peas

Twisted Chicken Pot Pie Martinis 
served in cocktail glass topped with 
rounds of flakey puff pastry

~ Deviled eggs with Curried Mango Dressing 

~ Andy Warhols 
Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Roasted Tomato Soup Sips in Tall shot Glasses 
served with wedges of mini grilled pepato cheese, 
mango chutney + scallions 
other options - grilled cheese + crispy bacon, 
st andre + apricot mustard, cheddar + maple horseradish,
gorgonzola + pear

~Hawaii Five-O coconut crusted shrimp (or chicken) 
served with asian honey lime chili jam 
on a “swimming pool platter” with a lei garnish 

~New School Peking Duck takes a Bow  
Hudson Valley Smoked Duck with 
hoison plum sauce + scallions in mini bao.  

Sizzling Slider Bar
cooked fresh in front of your guests by the Chef
*selections can include beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, veggie burgers


choose 4-6 sweet selections 

warm chocolate chip cookies and cold milk shots 
fresh from the oven yummy  chocolate chip cookies 
with ice cold milk shooters

frosting shots 
homemade double chocolate, raspberry swirl  
or coconut meringue frosting shots 
served with demitasse spoon

soda jerk  milk shakes
frosty chocolate, vanilla + strawberry shakes

mom’s apple pie tartlets – sautéed brown sugar 
+ cardamom organic apple, 
graham cracker crumble + cinnamon 
spiked whipped cream in a bite sized tart shell

chocolate and pistachio crusted cream puff lollipops
or martini glasses with trio of cream puffs

reeses pieces – handmade pastry cup 
brushed with chocolate and 
filled with creamy peanut butter mousse

nostalgic rock candy swizzle sticks 
crunch the colorful rock candy right off the stick

banana rama  poppers 
mini ice cream cones with sliced banana, 
fudge sauce and whipped cream

I dream of Jeannie Apricots – sun-dried apricots 
piped with rosewater scented mascarpone 
with pistachios and dried cherries

new age baked Alaska -  rosemary shortbread 
crust, grilled pineapple, fresh coconut meringue 
and vanilla bean ice cream, prepared by 
our chef in front of your guests – can be done 
as a large or individually bruleed portions...

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