Sunday, March 21, 2010

spring equinox - a post wedding - one year anniversary celebration

This is an incredible menu – which we are thrilled to present!   You and your guests will enjoy a cocktail style format of continuous passed hors d’oeuvres and short plates.  
This creates both a greater diversity of offerings 
as well as an atmosphere of relaxed yet 
elegant and intimate intermingling with friends and family.   

As guests arrive they will be able to get a drink 
from the bar and nibbles from the grazing 
station near the bar, as well as being greeted 
by the aromas of delicious food such as filet mignon, 
salmon, shrimp  and more wafting in the air. 

In the main room on the lovely glass table 
will be a delightful station of antipasto to which 
the guests can help themselves. 

As more guests arrive, the wait staff will start 
circulating among your guests with a selection of 
passed hors d’oeuvres and short plates 
.....that is sure to amaze.....
..... + delight .....
you and your guests, enhancing 
the special closeness you all have.   

Last but not least the  delicious rivers of 
chocolate + caramel, add a sweet ending to the evening.

by the bar to start

...artfully arranged fresh vegetable display bbq meatballs in round copper chafer

beautifully displayed on the signature copper top 
CuisinEtc Trojan horse table 
with complimenting old world copper cylinder chafer

Breads and Spreads Antipasto Station

stationary display on Denise's beautiful glass table
using wheatgrass and crates of apples to highlight
the spring equinox celebration 

antipasto stationary displays           
~pesto and sundried tomato rondele 
                     cheese torta with tomcat baguette
~cranberry studded goats cheese with tomcat artisan 
                            walnut cranberry baguette 
~vases of artisan Tomcat breads
~smokey middle eastern babaganoush (one of Carol's favs)
 ~assortment of imported olives displayed in martini glasses
~citrus scented dolmatis with feta and red peppe
~sauteed kale, tomato + white  brushetta 
                     with housemade garlic crostinis
~sunflower display of white bean tapenade
                     with pita petals and black olive seeds
~tandoori dusted corn display

tray passed hors d'oeuvres

surf and turf duo of 

…. smoked salmon biscuits 
           with  wasabi cheese pate
….filet mignon with horseradish cream 
          in mini buttermilk biscuits

....our imfamous cows in the comforter

...grilled shrimp floating on chili lime sauce

….auntie dai’s chicken dumplings passed on asian soup spoons

….golden triangles samosa potato bytes

...thai chicken satay in lotus cups

...warm crostinis with melted saint andre and mango chutney

Tapas  style short plates - mini entrees – combination of passed and stationary

….teriyaki salmon atop asian vegetables & fresh spinach noodles in red asian takeout boxes

….korean inspired short ribs  -
boneless ginger scented Korean short ribs with tricolored pepper + parmesan orzo
on mini glass plates with cocktail forks

...pepato mac and cheese served in 1930’s petit glass handled cup  with cocktail fork

hazelnut gelato shooters
and last but not least
rivers of chocolate and caramel
with dipping goodies such as
fresh fruit display, cream puffs, marshmallows, honey whole wheat pretzel sticks,
rice Krispie treats, cookies + meringues and more...
(just lost all the photos and words I spent 2 hours posting so will have to repost in a few days or late one night when I cann't sleep - more descriptions and photos to come)

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