Tuesday, March 3, 2009

catersource trade show - a few highlights

As always there were some new and exciting catering products 
Chef Andrew and I saw this year at the Las Vegas Catersource Tradeshow

One company that always has great products is Indian Harvest
if you are looking for wild rice, that's just one of the many offerings they have
check out this green tea flavored Bamboo Rice in the gorgeous celdon green color

the jasmine blend has petit yellow lentils which add a nice contrast
we've used the products extensively over the years and are very
excited by some of the newer offerings.

Although not a new concept - we can never resist 
the gang at Bedazzle My Bon Bons
CuisinEtc has used their bon bons at some of 
our Indian Fusion Weddings and Events 
even matching the colors of the bon bons to 
the colors of the ceiling at the Prince George Ballroom.

Sasha is a doll to deal with and really comes 
through with enthusiasm for her clients

lots of little "disposable" hors d'oeuvre plates 
these  mini leaves are just darling...

Colored and Edible Cones were available from a few vendors 
and the pretty gold tone palate holder was extra incentive.

there was a definite theme of mini and edible vehicles 
for creative fillings  caterers like us love to work with...

empty egg shells - There is a tool to do this yourself 
but what a nice treat to just be able to 
buy the vehicle in and prepare our own yummy fillings.

 Truffled Eggs with Caviar anyone?

wildflower linens out of Southern California
very upmarket very fun and fru fru

edible spray on colors for desserts, chocolate and pastries
there were many other palates and colors available.

chef Andrew Crossan enjoying the show!