Thursday, June 12, 2008

cutting edge profiteroles aka cream puffs & croquembouche

We have been offering a profiterole station

and have at least three or four WOW concepts

that will create excitment and buzz along with of course,

Will give you a tease here with a few.

First one would involve a towering edible self service
croquembouche caramel and cream puff display
to be finished off and built on site with our chef
creating spun sugar enrobing at the station as a centerpiece
and sitting on our unique Trojan horse copper topped table.

With a serpents tongue table display replenished by the action
Chefs on either side see description following.

Flanked on either side by a half serpetine table
or half round with chefs working

from hand hammered copper spherical chafers

with lucious caramel and organic chocolate ganache ---

piping and assembling profiterole short plates

such as
Rosewater infused trio of organic chocolate
and pistachio encrusted profiteroles

Lemon mousse filled duo of profiterole
with raspberry coulis adorned wth crystalized Organic ginger
And fresh blueberries

Chocolate and caramel profiterole martinis
white chocolate rimmed glass

profiterole Lollipops
organic Chocolate and vanilla bean filled profiterole
popping up out of farmers market wheat Grass
jelly belly tangerine coloured garnish

Creating a multi side approachable action station
that still has enough grab and go selections to keep up

Concept Profiterole-tini "Bar"

Martini glass dessert cocktails

Bar like set up or Chefs piping an array of flavored fillings
on display with the bartenders offering a trio of Profiterole-tini
(one non alcoholic) with ingredients printed on their tee shirt.

Have a few other variations on the execution of this concept
as well like

dessert flight chef station

Mango tango Profiterole-tini
PepperMint stick speared Vanilla bean Profiteroles
floating above a pool of Malibu Coconut;

fresh mango and rum 'tini

Pomegranite strawberry Profiterole-tini
Strawberry Coulis Floating Profiterole-tini
drizzled with reduced pomegranite syrup and maple peppered pecan dust

Cosmo Profiterole-tini
Cointreau dried cranberries and Citron vodka
with strawberry mousse Profiterole "olive"

large scale profiterole recipe ala gerard jones
who does magnificent croquembouche

For choux paste, eclair puffs,

1 qt water
1 lb Uns marg
Boil until marg is melted
add 1 lb 2 oz bread flour whilst water/marg is boiling and stir in vigorously.
Cook for 30 seconds to get lumps out.

Remove from flame and place in 20 qt mixer, start adding eggs 2 at a time, mix on 1st speed with paddle. It will take approx 25 eggs (large).

Either bag out with 1/2 plain tube or use ice cream scoop dip'd in water.
Bake at 350.
If the oven is a convection oven, put them all in at the same time and leave the fan off for 10 minutes, then bake as normal with the fan. Let them take on deep golden color or they'll tend to be soggy when cool, if that happens just put them back in for a few minutes.

Heres a very stable pastry cream, it will not weep or break down.
1 gallon milk, boil. Heavy bottom pots are needed, 1/4 alum works fine.
1 lb sugar, beat with 6 eggs in a bowl.
1 lb 2 oz cake flour, work it into the egg/sugar base with a french whip (stiff whip).
It will be very stiff but it will go if you have a stiff french whip.

Add a cup of the hot milk to the base to loosen it.
Bring milk to boil and whip the base into it, whip vigorousely as it boils for 30 seconds or so, work whip over the bottom of the pan to prevent scorching.
Pour out immediately onto a clean tray and sprinkle a large handfull of sugar all over the surface , the sugar dissolves and prevents skinning.
You can add chocolate whilst its hot too, just let it melt in.

Allow to cool and chill a few hrs, beat smooth with paddle in mixer, add vanilla or whatever you want. You can also fold whipped cream into it without fear of it becoming sloppy, its quite stable.