Thursday, June 12, 2008


the following post was written by a good friend
Jennie Cooke of Culver City, California
and we are moving everyday towards being a greener company
by offering many of the ideas she has outlined to our
clients and utilizing practices both in business and in our personal lifes

being green. that's the first part of the customer education.

Identify all the sustainable things you do already.

make a list and publish it in your collateral.

analyze how your products are packaged,

what they're made of - where you can improve by changing
to recycled and recyclable materials.

Ramp up your recycling practices- we can all recycle more.

offer china instead of paper yes it's an upsell and it's green.

start small in the kitchen - we started with the bakery area -

now 75% organic. we offer sustainable meats -

again more expensive. all our ground beef is grass fed.

We charge more for meatloaf than most.

we offer a full line of seasonal menus with vegan entrees.

offer more vegetables. change the center of the plate

to a non-meat selection.

support other independent businesses.

reduce your carbon footprint.

buy local whenever possible supprting your community.

offer organic coffee and tea from a local roaster.

offer alternatives to coke and pepsi. take back the tap. ( water)

it does cost more. and america is catching the fever,

wanting good clean fair food. it's very exciting and expensive.

here's an AHA moment - the essential oils in fresh food s

lowly dissipates as it ages. therefore when we eat fresh local foods,

we need less of it because the essential oils are there creating satiety.

The key elements in creating a sustainable future

are caring for the earth and caring for each other.

Creating Community is a large part of that equation.

Start a supper club! It's way fun, creates community

and you can make money!

We do a vegan supper club once a month and

the response has been fantastic.

We wanted to take the freak factor out of veganism,

by promoting plant based cuisine as an omnivore.

I could go on and on...

feel free to contact me otherwise - jennie 310 850 1884