Friday, June 8, 2007

way beyond NYC produce shopping the Gers in the South of France

Lisa and Andrew examing the gorgeous organic produce.

We were helping renovate the 7 buildings hamlet called La Bourdere that our niece and nephew purchased in the South of France in a small village calledCaillavet in 2002, but our main job was cooking lunch and "tea" (dinner to us) for the volunteer work crew (from 5 to 7 people daily over the month.

Besides some wonderful produce from the market, we shopped weekly in mostly in Vic-Fezensac at the market, where there were fresh organic free range chickens, organic and non organic produce, gorgeous flowers and plants, regional honey eg arcadia honey, foie gras of course, cheeses, olives, breads, and a bevy of other delectables, as well as household products and clothing. It was a delicious month of good food, cheap wine (some good but some horrible), great company and late nights of laughing and drinking, and sunny sunny weather most days.

spring = asperge = asparagus feast - and what a feast it was...

spring flowers and a basket of eggs. Don't put all your eggs into one basket, why not?

The produce market was a weekly experience and when we went to cater the easter feast for the village, not only were they most helpful in obtaining the right ingredients, they were keen to join in on the feastivities and signed up to come immediately.

our niece Susan's market basket with all sorts of fresh goodies, the vibrant colors are almost unreal.

Giant Artichoke Globes with creamy french butter and fresh lemon - oh the simple pleasures.

Purple Rain, no it's purple leeks - leek au gratin with fresh bread...

the prized white beans that cost over 10 euros a kilo (for beans)
cassoulet is taken very seriously in this neck of the woods.
It's the gascgone region.

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