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catering beyond NYC - Middle Eastern Mezze on Long Island

desserts were the last thing we served but the first we are showing you in this blog

Here's some of our favorite catering jobs - this one was an over the top middle eastern mezze for only eight guests. Of course there was enoough food for at least 30!

crab timbale with gin cured salmon

Here is one of the tiles we used to plate 3 passed mezze items

the riot of colors and tastes that were on the coffee table alone was astounding...

This intricate small middle eastern/med rim dinner with overt 20 mezze dishes to start and then a sit down dinner followed by desserts and belly dancing (no I am not the belly dancer) was quite a project. The host wanted to introduce a small group of business associates to foods from his part of the world. We had fun designing and executing the elaborate feast. And the belly dancer Ronnie, a gorgeous Moroccan Israeli woman, was exquisite and charming. We've since worked with her at other events including a morrocan themed tented wedding last summer.

for the mains we did 2 dual entrees

the first being a crab and and Kefalotiri Cheese (Greek Parmesan) timbale
along side Gin cured salmon (think gravalox), with green olive relish,
the salmon was seared rare and sliced thinly over a fine julienne of radish and cucumber.

the other main course

Seared Filet of Beef with Truffle Oil Drizzle,
Orange Infused Roasted Beets,
Peppered Walnuts and Chevre Cheese
Garnished with Pistachio Cheese Straws
and Long Eggplant Boats with Minced Chicken, Pinenuts, Peppers and Onions and Syrian Spices with Pomegranate Glaze

FYI here is most of the menu, although we actually did more mezze items than are listed:

(big plate means on table, not grouped on the tiles or passed)

The host offered mango and champagne bellinis as the Guests arrived

Some of the mezze was grouped together on Turkish Tiles and sets of each tile was meant be shared between 2 guests.

The presentation should be great.

Grilled Haloumi Cheese with Israel Tomato and Mint Salad on Coconut Spoons

Haloumi Cheese Wrapped in Grape Leaves and Filo with Pomegranate Glaze

Zucchini Boats Stuffed with Lamb, Cinnamon, Basmati, Onions & Pinenuts

Big Plate:
Fresh Roasted and Grilled Vegetables (Crudite/Antipasto) Scented with Fresh Herbs and Flavored Vinaigrette

Hummous and Babaganoush Surrounded by a Sunflower Pattern of Pita Bread and Housemade Flatbreads

Middle Eastern Cerviche of Shrimp and Scallops with Cumin, Lemon & Oregano

Assortment of Olives stuffed and marinated varieties in Martini Glasses
& Olive trays

Med Rim Lollipops - Cinnamon Scented Baby Lamb Chops with, served with Balsamic-Pomegranite Glaze

Phyllo Cigars with Moroccan Spiced Carrots and Beef

- Big Plate
Portebello Mushroom Caps with Sweet Squash Puree, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Goats Cheese and Crispy Leeks with Pomegranite-Balsamic Glaze

Cucumber crowns with Turkish smoked eggplant mousse

big plate
Marinated White Anchovies with Roasted Peppers and Caperberries

Mushroom Truffle Risotto in Flaky PhylloBeef

Lahmanjeen (Meat Pizzas) with Sumac Red Onion and Lemon topped with Sumac Dusted Thinly Sliced Red Onion and a Squeeze of fresh Lemon

Cheese Clouds- Dolce Latte, Feta, Marscapone, and Parmesan Cheese Puff Pastry Bytes

Lotus Cups with Lamb, Cilantro, Honey and Fine Dice of Red and Yellow Peppers

Lotus Cups with Bazirgan - a syrian distant cousin to tabouleh and ricotta cheese

Zucchini Misto
– Julienned and Deep Fried Dusted with Cumin and Cardamom in colorful paper cones

Fava Bean with Cheese Agnolotti with Garlic and EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) - served in Martini Glass

Pesto and Sundried Tomato Torta with Wedges of Housemade Flatbreads

– big plateShrimp with Feta Tomato Red Onion & Dill Salsa on Asian Soup Spoons

Tender Marinated Turkish Beef Liver Flash Fried and topped withOnions with Sumac Dusted Red Onions


Pretty Glass Pitcher with Water, Cucumber, Mint and Lemon Slices

Wines: as per host (forgot to take notes)

Seated Dinner
Salad course to start:
Chiffonade of Romaine and Red Endive with Dill, Lemon & EVOO accompanied by Three Onion Vegetable Strudel with Shallots, Onions and Leeks, Mushrooms, Asparagus, Red Pepper and Zucchini with Sharp Provolone in flaky Pastry

Timbale of Crab Seasoned with Oregano and Kefalotiri Cheese (Greek Parmesan)
And Gin Cured Salmon with Green Olive Relish, Seared and Sliced Thinly over Fine Julienne of Radishes and CucumberSeared Medallions of Filet of Beef with Truffle Oil Drizzle with Roasted Beets, Peppered Walnuts and Chevre Cheese Garnished with Pistachio Cheese Straws and (Japanese) Eggplant Boats with Minced Chicken, Pinenuts, Peppers and Onions with Pomegranate Glaze

Desserts in the living room after a belly dancing

Chocolate and Pistachio Encrusted Profiteroles – Cream Puffs scented with Rosewater filled with Fresh Cream Custard and Encrusted in Chocolate and Pistachios

Petit Pistachio Baklava and Walnut Baklava

Petit Buttery Middle Eastern Cookies filled with Dates, Pistachios, Walnuts and more…

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Long Stemmed Strawberry Cardamom Cheesecake Bytes

Cardamom and Rosewater Rice Pudding

Chocolate Orange Mousse in Expresso Cups

Turkish Coffee

Decaf American Coffee
Turkish Apple Tea
Assorted Aromatic Teas

Port and Cheese

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