Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rowayton Wedding - Roton Point Sailing Club

To say this was our wedding of the year would be an understatement.

not only was the day perfect

and the results a joy,
but the relationships we established

with this family

from the mother of the bride
to the bride and groom

to her older sister whose wedding

we are privileged to be catering this fall

-- Andrew and I became part of the family
and put our hearts and souls into producing
a spectacular, loving and memorable day for all.

Roton Point is a gorgeous spot on the Connecticut shore

- the club is housed in an old Victorian Hotel

and evokes beauty and elegance in it's simple grace

and gorgeous scenic views.

view overlooking Long Island Sound

Victorian Wrap Around Porch

Erin and Brandon's Wedding:

a magical celebration with

160 family and friends

Roton Point Club Rowayton, CT.

On a lovely sunny september autumn afternoon,

as guests arrived at the Club

after the church ceremony

they enjoyed a flower strewen bountiful
station of Ethnic Breads and Spreads,

as well as an eclectic variety of Flatbreads,

Crostini, Crudité, Cheese and many tasty Spreads and Dips.

The bar station was already open and serving the drinks the host supplied.
Lots of vodka was consumed by all...

CuisinEtc waitstaff circulated with trays of

delicious and innovative passed hors d’oeuvres

and lots of tasty tidbits through out the cocktail hour.

The enticing bouquet of Caribbean shrimp shooters,

Asian dumplings on chinese soup spoons,

grilled filet mignon,

coconut chicken, fresh basil, mint

and roasted garlic to name a few were floating past you
as everyone mingled and enjoyed the lovely september air.

In addition when the Garden of Eating

when the Buffet Dinner Station opened,

the rich aromas of teriyaki salmon,

grilled chicken, filet mignon

and rosemary roasted potatoes were wafting in the air,

enticing guests to partake in this delicious station.

While waiting they enjoed

a composed caprese salad of mixed field greens

topped with skewers of "italian lollipops"

aka fresh mozarella & grape

farmstand tomatoes in mixed colors

Towards the later part of the evening,

the dinner buffet was cleared and reset as a finger food dessert station including among other indulgences a Belgium Chocolate Dipping Pond, with Rivers of Milk and Dark Chocolate. The excitment and fun that the rivers of chocolate create is always amazing to see. Although there were no children present by this time, it's a dessert idea that always manages to evoke the kid in all of us and bringing delight to all.

Miniature Wedding Cake Display

and Chef Andrew flambing Bananas Alexander.

here's a peek at the menu and some mouthwatering photos
Ethnic Breads and Spreads

~Classic Tomato, Spinach and Basil Bruschetta

and White Bean Artichoke Tapenade

notice how the table is decorated with fall apples from the farm, under glass, supporting the two tapendades that are served in antique glass bowls.
Lots of colored roses complimented the beauty, bounty and sweetness of the day.
All design decor and floral arrangements that compliment the food
were arranged, produced and designed
by Lisa Teiger, Event Decor Stylist and Owner of CuisinEtc.

That's why our tag line reads "more than just great food..."

~Rondele Cheesecake layered
with Roasted Pepper Tapenade and Pesto

Mini Bries Topped 
with Mango Chutney and Pistachios


~Artfully Arranged Crudités Vegetable Basket

we used the summers bounty of fresh veggies from the Union Square Farmers Market including chocolate cherry tomatoes, yellow cherry tomatoes fresh broccoli and artichokes.

~Sunflower of White Bean Tapenade
with Pita Petals and Black Olive Seeds the green and purple hydrangias lent an air of elegance and abundance to a bountiful display

~Assorted Olives displayed in Martini Glasses
specially engraved cocktail napkins with Erin and Brandon's name and date
popped the hors d'oeuvres and drinks with their vibrant hot pink colors

~Southwestern Enchilada Tartlets with Tomatillo Salsa Topping

the simple beauty and elegance of a large tree trunk polished to become a serving tray...

~Greek Dolmatis 
with Feta and Red Pepper

~Capri Eggplant Caponata atop Hothouse Cucumber Crowns
colorful mexican glass plates complimented the food perfectly

Various Crostini, Housemade Grana Padano Flatbreads,
European Crackers and Sesame stick

.......waiter passed trans global fusion hors d'oeuvres........

during the cocktail hour

bartenders extraordinaire -- Kimee and James

Absolut Shrimp Shooters Island and Coconut Spiced Shrimp Shooters
served in a Absolut Citrus Infused Shot Glass
can you imagine how much fun it is to say to guests
when they ask how to eat these
"knock them back and chew "
we made over 12 batches before we finally ran out of shrimp
these folks loved to party and celebrate with the Sullivans.
Big City Country Biscuits
Filet Mignon,
and Red Pepper Pesto in a Mini Parmesan Buttermilk Biscuit

Auntie Dais Dumplings
- Steamed Chicken and Veggie Dumplings
passed on Asian Spoons with Wasabi- Soy Sauce (served hot)
Mushroom Truffle Risotto (served hot) Luxurious Flavors in a Crisp Phyllo Flower doused with Truffle Oil

Coco-Jerk Chicken Satay
Caribbean Spiced Chicken Skewers
coconut milk and island seasonings with asian chili jam dip
make these a sure fire winner and much requested itemBlu Bytes
- Gorgonzola Blue Cheese Mousse and Sundried Cranberry in Crispy Cups

Golden Triangles
– Piquant Potato Triangles with Cilantro Coconut Dip (served hot)
The Roton Point Club is housed in a gorgeous old Victorian Club,

the porch allowed for generous and spacioous seating for all 160 guests

the bride and groom had their own "sweetheart" table but of course they barely sat down all night

Main Course

as guests sat down at their assigned seats, a plated composed salad of baby greens

with skewers of Italian Lollipops,

a tribute to Brandon aka "Beans" the groom's Italian heritage

resting on a cucumber crown for the princess of his dreams...

Composed Salad at each place setting for guests
to enjoy when they sit down

Mixed baby greens with fresh mozzarella balls, tomato and basil,
Olive oil and balsamic dressing

plating up salad for 160 guests requires lots and lots of space~

style="color:#990000;">Mom and Dad of Bride - Frank and Starina

even a fuzzy picture cann't hide the sunshine eminating from her smile of joy
as we reach out to hug each other

Garden of Eatin’ Main Course Buffet

Bow Tie Salmon- Grilled teriyaki salmon, bow tie pasta,

haricot vert strings beans, cherry tomatoes in a herbed lime vinaigrette

- a gorgeous and delicious late summer dish

Grilled Med-Rim Chicken
– tender sliced lemon basil
marinated & grilled chicken breasts

Rosemary & Garlic Marinated Seared Filet Mignon – Tenderloin of beef

Delicious Creamy Mashed Potatoes with Brandied Peppercorn Gravy

Roasted Seasonal Veggies with Balsamic and Herb Glaze

Farmstand Two Tomato (red and yellow) and Fresh Basil Display

mnnn... there was not a morsel left of these gorgeous and yummy late summer
heirloom farmstand red and yellow beefsteak tomatoes with fresh basil

Crusty Olive Baguette and Artisan Dinner Rolls with Sweet Butter
Delicious Desserts: The Final IndulgenceMiniature Cake Tiered Wedding Cake Display

cupcake swirl - cool photo by Alex Z'eev photo courtesy of Alex Ze'evi-Christian
photo courtesy of Alex Ze'evi-Christian

Decadent Lava Chocolate Dipping Pond and Rivers of Chocolate
with Belgium Milk And Dark Chocolate

and dipping goodies such as cream puffs,

marshmallows, fresh fruit, cookies, fingers of cake, etc.

Seasonal Fresh Fruit and Berry Display

Banana Alexander

- Baby Bananas with Meyers Rum , Sweet Butter & Brown Sugar
Flambéed by Chef Andrew Crossan,

Served with Kaluha whipped cream
in martini glasses

photo courtesy of Alex Ze'

tossing the flame - a Chef Andrew Speciality
photos courtesy of Alex Ze'evi-Christian
bananas alexander - Chef Andrew Alexander-Crossan


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