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Presenting to 3,000 Caterers at Catersource 2006 Vegas

Chef Andrew Crossan and Event Stylist Lisa Teiger of CuisinEtc

Greetings fellow Caterers and Catersource 2006 Attendees:
On behalf of Creative CuisinEtc., Chef Andrew and I would like to thank all of you for your kind words when you stopped by to visit our innovative catering buffet station and equipment exhibit at Catersource 2006 in Las Vegas.

We had enormous fun setting up the display, meeting you all and talking with you about the station ideas at the Catersource Convention in Las Vegas. It might have seemed like we were a candy company – selling candy, or Chinese boxes and fortune cookies, but really we had the good fortune of being there as fellow caterers showing you some simple yet effective ideas that Creative CuisinEtc presents as stations for our events.

candy stations - candy stations - candy stations

oh the temptation of the candy station when it all looks so good
and brings back memories of childhood. No wonder that candy stations are so popular at events around the country. 

 Here in NYC we have set them up for kids parties, teen parties, graduations, weddings, 90th birthday parties, and just about every time, the attendees from 2- 92 years delight in the abundance of candy available and the choices that remind them of their childhood. Candy stations ROCK!
candy cigarette and cigar bar
that's alot of candy
thanks to our sponsors Groovy Candy and Palmer & Dryden

Dots and Pop Rocks
Mary Janes, Hot Tamales, Sour Belts,
and much much more

Curious George was big last year
the Flintstones have never gone out of style
and Rock Candy Twizzlers and Cinnamon Red Hots
made the kid in all of us sit right up and say WOW
asian stations are still going strong
pan asian has taken over from just the typical chinese
represented here are props from korea, bali, japan & china

thank you to Kari-Out Containers for providing
the good luck red to-go boxes,
fortune cookies chopsticks and other useful goodies.
Attendees were able to take home samples.

HHere's the infamous green apple riser

rock and roll to the sound of sugar

Pearly there
and yes we did bring the wheatgrass from NYC
since we weren't sure where to get it in Vegas

since we couldn't use real food for the displays,
pretend you see the chicken on the skewers
for this unique presentation of smoking chicken satay
how's that for an innovative catering platter?

Mexican Handcrafted Paper Mask, Sheathes of Pasta,
along with use of various materials for texture, color and contrast

again, picture some scallops attached to the coconut forks
...great presentation sitting in green lentils....

coconut spoons and the forks in the background
some of the unique props that
CuisinEtc has sourced from our travels in southeast asia
wheatgrass is just so versatile
CuisinEtc and Catersource
= a definite recipe for success
thanks Mike Roman for the vote of confidence

Many thanks to Mike Roman and the entire Catersource team for giving us the opportunity to illustrate for you, our fellow caterers and friends, some of our unique yet simple ideas.
From using picture frames as branding and risers, natural products such as coconut forks and spoons, to floral, fauna and layers of fabric garnishes,
Lisa Teiger and Andrew Crossan of CuisinEtc shop the world looking for ideas and inspiration.
Many of these are concepts that you can easily replicate back home for your own business.
Yet if you need our help and design expertise,
CuisinEtc is available to consult with clients around the country and beyond.

We have posted some more pictures for you to browse – as we find it’s always enjoyable to see catering related pictures and it certainly helps to remember what you saw at
the CuisinEtc. Display, given the myriad of ideas and displays we all experienced at this years amazing Catersource Convention.
Don’t know about you all, but it takes us weeks and even months to digest all the information. What does happen immediately is that we are super charged up and raring to go with new thoughts and inspirations as well as tried and true visions.
Thank you Catersource for the immense stimulation and creative motivational energy boost!

As promised here is some information about where you can directly source various items that were displayed on the stations.

Groovy Candies
Nostalgic Candy from many eras,

they are located in Chicago and ship directly to you.
Ask for Scott and tell him you saw the display at Catersource
– he should take good care of you. You can order from them directly.
(how cool is that phone # for a retro company)

Kari-Out Containers
Red Chinese Takeout Containers -
Fortune Cookies – individually wrapped
Wooden “disposable” Chopsticks in Red Wrappers
Low Sodium No Wheat Soy Sauce

Ask for Ms. Shu-Ling Chiang, Marketing Department
tell her you saw the boxes and other products
at the catersource convention in Las Vegas.

399 Knollwood Rd., Suite 309
White Plains, NY 10603
Tel: 914-580-3283
Fax: 914-580-3248
They will direct you to the supplier or distributor nearest to you.

Dryden & Palmer Rock Candy 
Rock Candy in Lots of Cool Colors

was established in 1880 during the heyday of rock candy production in the United States. The company’s founders, Charles Dryden and Noah Palmer, quickly earned a reputation for their excellent service and the high quality of their rock candy.

Rock candy is produced using the same process as nature used to create quartz and diamonds. Rock Candy is the product of the further refining by recrystallization of pure cane sugar, it is the purest form of sugar available because all impurities are removed as the large crystals form.  Check them out,  they "ROCK"

As for the Tropical Wood Carved Trays Cuisinetc has a way to source these,
please email if you are interested.
There are various types of trays and platters including small and large banana leaves,
the black oblong tray with colorful fruits carved on sides,
an oval black tray with similar design
and several varieties of platters
tastefully carved and painted to look like mangos, tomatoes, eggplants, etc.

We'd love to hear from you, email us if you would like further information on the trays or any thing else you saw at the CuisinEtc display.

Remember that CuisinEtc offers our event styling services to clients, both social and corporate, as well as other caterers, around the country
and in many other parts of the world.

CuisinEtc is ready willing and able to bring our unique internationally sourced equipment, creative design and menu ideas, and massive catering expertise
beyond the boundaries of New York City
– and have been privileged to participate and partner in catering distinctive, successful and out of the ordinary events in the UK, France, Turkey, California, Vermont, Maine, Tennessee, and Florida to name a few
 --- next stop your event !!!!
Our Expertise and Services are only a plane ride or road trip away.

Please don't hesitate to call on us when you have that incredible event
that you need the extreme WOW factor for.

Have a delicious day!

Event Stylist Lisa Teiger
Chef Andrew Alexander-Crossan

Creative Catering Consultants
CuisinEtc. Inc.

Coming to you from New York City and always going beyond…

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