Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Surprise Party in Easton Connecticut

Chris Neff the host enjoying the Mango Salsa

Roses and Artichokes - what a great decor idea

Maryland Crab Critters with Louisinana Remoulade Dip
served atop Asian Long Beans
Samosas and Filet Mignon Biscuits in the background

it's was a birthday surprise party

and Barbara got to party and be a guest in her own home.
"thanks honey for a great birthday" said she to her hubby.
Creative CuisinEtc Menu for Barbara’s xxx Surprise Birthday Bash
(a lady never reveals age does she!)

Stationary Breads and Spreads for your Guests to Nibble on from 7:00
-Rondele Cheese Torta and Imported Cheese Display
which could include Cheeses such as
Triple Crème Brie, Cabrales Blue, English Farmhouse Cheddar (Best of Market)
Served with Housemade Flatbreads and European Crackers

- Flowering Crudité Display with Dips

- Sunflower of Hummus with Pita Petals and Black Olive Seeds

- Tropical or Traditional Salsa Surrounded by Blue and Golden Tortilla Chips

- Citrus Scented Greek Dolmatis with Feta and Red Peppers

Passed Hors D’oeuvres from 8:00-9:30 pm

** Surf and Turf Biscuit Bytes
Smoked Salmon with Wasabi Mousse in Mini Black Sesame Biscuits
And Filet Mignon, and Red Pepper Pesto in a Mini Parmesan Buttermilk Biscuit

**Med Rim Shrimp Fusion Tartlets
Shrimp Feta-Tomato Confit atop a Mini Spinach & Cheese Tartlet

** Maryland Crab Critters – Pan Sautéed Crab Critters
Served with Southern Remoulade Sauce (served hot)

** Italian Lollipops
Fresh Marinated Mozzarella and Cherry Tomato Skewers

** Thai Chicken Lotus Cups
Thai Peanut Chicken in Crispy Lotus Wonton Cups

** Dumplings Dot Com
Asian Dumplings with Soy Wasabi and Vegetable Confetti
passed on Asian Spoons (served hot)

** Mushroom Truffle Risotto
Creamy Risotto in a Crisp Filo Flower
(served hot)

**Southern Indian Samosas
Piquant Crispy Potato Triangles with Cilantro Coconut Dip
(served hot)

** Caribbean Chicken Satay
Island Glazed Grilled Chicken Skewers with Sweet Chili Jam

**Absolut Shrimp Shooters – Island and Coconut Spiced Shrimp Shooters
Served in a Absolut Citrus Infused Shot Glass

Double Layer Vanilla Cake with Fresh Strawberries
- optional: garnished with chocolate dipped strawberries
- Complimentary Inscription

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