Sunday, June 29, 2014

Manhattan Breakfast Hors D'oeuvre Catering

Manhattan Breakfast Hors D'oeuvres

Elegant Madison Avenue 

Fashion Runway Breakfast Offerings:

WAKE UP your breakfast meeting or NYC fashion week showroom catering with something delicious, unique + healthy rather than the typical ((boring)) bagel, fruit platter or breakfast pastry.   Vegan and vegetarian breakfast offerings don't have to be dull, boring or stale.

You and your entourage will relish embibing cuisinEtc catering's fresh fruit smoothies,  today's offering a trio of NYC vegetarian and vegan Fruit Smoothies, all naturally gluten free and delicious !

whimsically presented in miniature glass milk bottles...'s vivid colors and flavors inspired by the Moroccan Fashion Collection.  Other flavors as per seasonal availability - Savoury fruit and vegetable combo smoothies too - like kale-green apple or almond spinach strawberry for example.

Rosewater Scented Strawberry (vegan)
Vibrant  Alphonso Mango 
& Vanilla Bean Lassi (vegetarian)
Kiwi/ HoneyDew/Banana with Almond Milk (vegan)
breakfast hors d'oeuvres caterer manhattan, nyc

smoked salmon and wasabi pate biscuit - gluten free white asparagus + chevre  frittata
gluten free and vegetarian breakfast hors d'oeuvre platters are always a smart choice for the NYC crowd.
full service or drop off available
pricing from $20 per guest ++