Monday, December 5, 2011

Fun, Feastive and Edible Holiday Decor

Our culinary team was looking for holiday sweet treat inspirations and ran across these ideas.  Easy to execute with maximum impact and minimum fuss.  
Santa's Hat
Fresh Strawberries
Marscapone Buttercream

Basically make a pan of your favorite brownie recipe 
- use a cutter to make circles.
Make Mascarpone Buttercream (recipe here:

Pipe ring of mascarpone buttercream, 
Top with strawberry that you have cut the stem off of 
and pipe a dollop on top of the strawberry "hat" to finish.  

the Red Nosed
Reindeer Pop
Not sure where the CuisinEtc culinary team found this one but it seems to be a chocolate covered marshmallow with pretzel ears and red hot candy nose - you can get candy eyes in a candy supply store but if not a white candy with black food coloring should do the trick.

Sweet and Salty
Around the holidays you often find speciality shaped pretzels - this holiday treat is a riff on the buckeye cookie....made with tree shaped and bell shaped pretzels sandwiching a peanut butter filling and dipped in chocolate.


Use your favorite buckeye cookie recipe (smooth peanut butter, sugar, butter creamed together) and this no bake recipe could become a new family favorite.

Oh Hannukah Oh Hannukah
source:  the Shiksa in the Kitchen

A great miracle happened here...

How cute are these edible dreidels

Chocolate kisses
Nutella Hazelnut Spread
Pretzel Sticks
Cake Decorating Gel

Festive and Healthy
..1 medium styrofoam cone (available at craft stores such as Michaels)
..2-3 holiday shaped cookie cutters like gingerbread men, stars or bells,
..fresh fruit, - she used green + black seedless grapes, strawberries, kiwis, dried cranberries and cantaloupe melon.
..cilantro or parsley garnish

Edible SnowFlakes
They say no two snowflakes are exactly the same...
Here's a different take on the snowflake that our own
cuisinEtc culinary team
came up with for holiday events.
edible snowflake by cuisinEtc catering and special events nyc

fresh mozzarella balls - cherry sized
blue cheese stuffed olives
bamboo knotted skewers
bamboo tear drop mini plates

edible tablescape cuisinetc catering and special events nyc
mozzarella + olive snowflakes, rosemary tree, fruit + veg garnishes

Fragrant Edible Wreath

Make a wreath out of fresh rosemary sprigs
garnish with assorted olives, marinated peppadew peppers, 
fresh mozzarella balls and baby cornichon pickles.

Happy Holidays from all of us 
at CuisinEtc Catering and Special Events.
May your holidays be filled 
with love, fun, friends, food and family.

P.S.  Call us for your next special event.  

We love to make your party a delicious one, 
where you too get to be a guest !!!


  1. Lisa,
    just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts, your site is an endless fount of creativity & inspiration. thanks for sharing with us...Linda

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