Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Celebrating the holidays - NYC style - a holiday cocktail event

One of the highlights of this years holiday events for the culinary and service team of CuisinEtc Catering  and Special Events was this fun and delicious holiday soiree we created for one of our financial clients on the festively decorated Fifth Avenue by the Park.  A virtual feast of holiday catering for corporate clients was well received and a great way to end the corporate catering holiday events for the CuisinEtc team.

As the festivities began, Guests were offered a glass of sparkling Prosecco with fresh raspberries along with other refreshing beverages from the glowing satin gold bar.

Tall gold and glass stands
with colorful Terra Chips
provided a tasty munch
to accompany the holiday drinks.

The office space positively glowed with the holiday spirit and decor.

The large board room where the party was held is a beautiful space with an old world feel that overlooks the winter wonderland of Central Park.

To compliment the warm and rich feeling of the room, CuisinEtc Event Stylist Lisa Teiger embraced natural decor such as fresh rosemary  trees surrounded by blood red pomegranates and baby artichokes, farmers market wreathes with fresh leaves, gold indian corn, dried flowers and beautiful holiday touches such as fresh cabbage roses.

Clusters of nuts sprayed with gold, and triangular bowls floating red votives and fresh cranberries accented the satin gold napkin rolls and long green linen runners  that spanned the 24 foot table making the buffet look like a giant wrapped present!

holiday cheese and fruit display

love the olive and mozzarella snowflakes

One side on the immense table featured our beautiful hand hammered copper cylindrical chafers hosting a bevy of delicious hot food 

.. Wild Mushroom Risotto
.. Buffalo Chicken Meatballs 
with Blue Cheese Dip 
and Pretzel Skewers
.. Citrus Sauteed Chicken 
with White Wine, 
Artichoke and Leek Fonda

Guests were able to help themselves to a festive variety of fork friendly foods 
which besides the chafing dishes 
and cheese display included

a trio of cocktail sandwiches

bbq pulled pork,
smoked salmon with wasabi cream cheese
+ rare filet of beef with roasted pepper pesto 

a delicious display 
individual jumbo shrimp cocktails 
in white china sake glasses

who doesn't love jumbo U16 shrimp?

CuisinEtc's ever popular Indian Fusion Cuisine Samosas
kept warm on a copper triangle riser with a duo of red and green chutneys displayed on the wrought iron holiday tree.
touches of holiday abound

and lump crab Asian and fresh spinach noodle salad 
served in black take out boxes 
accented with red chopsticks.

The Asian take out boxes was an ode to the tradition
of NYC Jews eating chinese food on Christmas Day!

and as if this wasn't already enough to satisfy a variety of appetites and tastes,   butler  passed hors d'oeuvres and short plates were also offered for the guest's pleasure - and from the comments the favorites were the lobster mac and cheese in mini pots 

not your mama's
lobster mac and cheese
in individual serving pots
with cocktail forks

and the rosemary lamb lollipops atop a bed of fragrant rosemary with dual holiday colored dipping sauces (pomegranate chili sauce and fresh mint jelly)

but there was still more on the hors d'oeuvres menu that night ... a literal groaning board of delicious and enticing small bytes and short plates.

green veggie dumplings
with edamame filling

steamed edamame 
and smoked tofu 
vegetarian dumplings 
in spinach wontons

fingerling potatoes
creme fraiche
and panchetta
made these
"potato skins"

not your average 
potato skins
tri colored fingerling 
potato cups 
with creme fraiche, 
and crispy panchetta   
on bamboo squares
atop a "jingle" platter

a new and exciting bite-lyte this holiday season 
is the Oaxacan Mole and Duck Tamale 
Oaxacan Mole and Duck Tamale
handmade in the CuisinEtc Kitchens
and presented in doll house sized ceramic dishes
Swanky Kobe Beef Hot Dog Coins
served from a catchers mitt
in a field of wheat grass

thai peanut chicken in lotus cups

organic bloody mary soup sips 
with vodka, roasted tomato and pepper soup 
served in glass demitasse cups with a skewered olive.

after enjoying the buffet and passed hors d'oeuvres and listening to speeches from company leaders,  and a brief respite a trio of desserts were passed...  Corporate Holiday Catering in NYC never had it so good!

fresh hot out of the oven 
chocolate chip and fudge filled  
warm cookies with ice cold milk shots

grand marnier orange 
chocolate mousse 
on petit china spoons 
dotted with fresh raspberries

wild blueberry 
and organic banana tartlets 

along with a Kahlua enhanced 
Eggnog shots with cinnamon stick stirrers.

hot cookies and cold milk
served with retro oven mitts
oh what a treat, Santa would be jealous!

here's a toast from the team at
CuisinEtc Catering and Special Events!!



  1. corporate catering in new york city never had it so good!

  2. Absolutely beautiful food and staging. I can't decide if the duck tamales or the lobster mac looks and sounds tastier.

  3. Hi

    I really loved everything you are talking about, very nice pictures!!


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