Friday, September 18, 2009

Jewish New Years Customs - honey dipped apples + round challahs

A beautiful service tonight with the congregation singing traditional prayers, lead by Musical Director Ellen and untraditional sermon by Rabbi Dan espousing on how we are not being present in our here and now lives but often too busy focused ahead or on technology or our busy lives.

After services, a small nosh of farmers market apples slices & chunks of traditional rosh hashannah round challahs to dip in fresh honey along with colorful Terra Chips a glass of bubbly, or a sip of sparkling water - allowed the congregation to mingle wishing each other a Happy Healthy and Sweet New Year. I meet so many new people - there were about 150 at the erev rosh ha shannah services and am beginning to recognize some faces and even remember a few names.

The display was simple yet pretty - highlighting the fresh apples and colorful chips.