Thursday, September 17, 2009

cheese glorious cheese

was thinking of entering a cheese contest
run by Ile De France Cheese
and started to look at the numerous
cheese displays from the various catering gigs that
we have managed to get photos of
(never have time to take photos
of the best ones it seems)
and it was just turned into
a cheese glorious cheese experience!!

Hope you enjoy looking at all these
delicious and pretty cheeses!

So figured I would share the wealth
so to speak or at least the photos.

Who said that man can not live on cheese alone

- certainly gout could be a problem, but oh what a way to go!

So the criteria for this blog is either straight up cheese board stuff
or food with cheese featured in them
- like the watermelon + feta salad with black olives + mint.

fabulous california + west coast cheese boards

for Sonoma Wine Dinner

window display of cheese stall
in central market Bologna Italy

french cheese board for Calyon Bank NYC

Parmesan storage in Parma Italy

triple creme brie frosted
with mango chutney
+ studded with pistachios

House made heart shaped rondele cheese torta
with edible flower garnish
& sundried tomato tapenade center

very very exclusive
expensive wedding cheese cart

now that's some cheese "cake"
crusted with hot pepper flakes
& pomegranite garnish

mac n cheese lollipop hors d'oeuvres

simply elegant wheel of parmesan

baked potato bar with
cheddar cheese,
sour cream,
& other non cheese accompaniments

lobster mac + cheese shortplate

Italian lollipops two ways

grana padana

Holiday Tree with
Cheese Stars

rosemary marinated
pepato cheese cubes
as bar display

sun kissed cheese display
with kumquats, olives + flatbreads

gaudi's mound
- spanish goats cheese
with orange zest,
chopped olives
& chives

antipasto cheese + meat display
atop impressive wheel of parmesan riser

feta + watermelon salad
with black olives + fresh mint

manchego + quince

aged provolone surrounded
by chunks of mortadella

early days corporate cheese board
(for delivery)

Four star Catering Kentucky, cheese display

cheese stars surrounding
rondele cheese with
sundried tomato + parmesan tapenade
cheese surrounded by
+ topped with cheese

lighting the wheel of parmesan
getting ready for the pasta

don't you just love the elegant look of a whole wheel of parmesan