Saturday, August 29, 2009


So as you may have already figured out from reading
through our blog,the CuisinEtc team
(Food Stylist and Culinary Artist, Lisa Teiger
and Executive Chef Andrew Alexander-Crossan)
often collaborates with creative caterers
around the USA and Canada (and beyond)
on menu ideas, themes and actual events.

This fall, the team is headed to Northern California wine country
in the fallfor another year of harvest festival events
and thrilled to be working with Janet Woodson
of La-Tea-Da Catering, Charlotte, NC
and Chef Mark Baldwin, Blue Ridge Catering, Roanake, Va.
on this year's harvest weekend
and excited to be in Vermont collaborating on a big multi - station
wedding in October with the Elegant Touch Catering team.

These types of collaborations keep our ideas and menus
fresh and exciting, lending creative energy
that flows right back into all CuisinEtc events .

The phone rang late last night and my good friend and
catering buddy in Marksville, Louisiana, Dianne Evans,
of Best Catered Events who is a catering genius calls to ask
my help in ideas and reaching out to other caterers for
suggestions regarding a GREY'S ANATOMY PREMIERE
for ABC VIP guests, that she has been asked to cater in
Alexandria, Louisiana next month.

Dianne managed to get some great photos
of this event and the concepts listed below
and which you can see on her blog as well.

Here's what Dianne came up with after listening to
arious ideas posted on our catering buddies
on various forums suggested.

Once Dianne is on a roll there's no stopping her...

Here is what we are planning....for an amazing
"WOW" factor VIP Premiere Event
for Grey's Anatomy

The catering staff will dress
in Scrubs & Nurses Uniforms
complete with headgear,
stethoscopes and shoe covers.

The food concepts are as follows.
"Roving Transfusion Cart of "Tranfusion Shrimp"
....this cart will move throughout the venue
offering "Tranfusions" to all the guests.
(This will be margarita marinated shrimp,
and your guests will have a "Tranfusion"
of cocktail sauce put on the shrimp
by a staff member with an IV Pole holding
a bag of ...yep guessed it....cocktail sauce!

McDreamy Berry and Dreamsicle Garden
... a stationary table garnished with wheatgrass
& loaded with dreamsicle cheesecake martinis
to be eaten with tongue depressors
and extra large fresh strawberries
piped full of heavenly cream cheese filling
...each one will have a pipette of
Grand Marnier Liquor
....As you eat the strawberry
you "infuse" the liquor into the berry
or directly into your mouth...oh, so good.

Guests will also be able to enjoy
"Izzie's Stress buster mini cupcakes"
served on a bed of antidepressants
- you know multi colored jelly beans
(which will also garnish the tops of these
"Izzies Stress Buster Cupcakes")

Organ Donation Station

"Loaded Baked Potato Soup Bar"
.... with all the fixings your guests
want to pair with a rich baked potato
soup....made to order by guessed it
...A Nurse with a prescription pad
will be taking the "orders"

Scrub Station

Lime & Mint Mojito Jello cups
with Mojito Jello Shot Poppers....kept cool
by frozen colored surgical gloves (ballooned) a large glass punch bowl.

Now that's a fun party to cater or attend...
other ideas that popped into my head since then

Band-Aid Crackers (or strips)
with Broken Bone Ribettes...

can you think of other ideas
- email me