Friday, December 19, 2008

Best Catering Best Practices---------------------New York Meets Cream Cheese and Crawfish Head on

Since Dianne and Rick are friends and family with EVERYONE
here’s our over the top (and already trimmed ) xmas menus

Xmas Eve Fun Food

..Spiked eggnog milkshake shooters
..Twisted Knishes – assorted flavors
.. Elmer Fudd’s delightful chocolate pepper crusted bacon
..Mimi’s Blintz Cupcakes with Strawberry Strusel
..Errol’s Mini Natchitoches (knack- a - dish)
meat pies filled with Louisiana seasoned beef
..Grey goose vanilla Caribbean shrimp shooters
..Sleeping Pigs
Sliced bread and cream cheese
blanketed with crispy bacon
(pork queen of queens meets the cream cheese queen of new Orleans)
..Braided sleeping with the enemy knots
drizzled with dark and white chocolate
..Hotter than hell layered sunshine dip
with housemade tortilla chips
..Crawfish cream cheese stuffed baguette bytes
..Chop chop chinese chicken pinwheels
..Bhel puri Indian potato chaat
..Mini samosas with chef Andrew’s
signature coconut cilantro chutney
..N'awlins BBQ shrimp crostinis
..Bayou smoked brisket on cucumber crowns
..Honey Pineapple Cinnamon Glazed Old Fashioned Ham 
with Grilled Pineapple Chutney on Mini Muffaletta Rolls
Divine Divinity Bytes
Petit Pecan Pralines
Triple Chocolate Threat Brownie Bytes
on Cocktail Forks
Old Fashioned Soda Cracker Candy
with nuts, chocolate and housemade Toffee
Fresh Blackberry Cobbler Spoons
with Amaretto Crème Fraiche
Pumpkin Roll Pinwheel on Chantilly Cream Cloud
Sweet Potato Crumble
Asian Spoons of Baguette Bread Pudding
with Pecan Praline Sauce
Hot rum toddies
Pack a punch rum
Pomegranite teenis
Left out apple martinis
Ron’s Wine
Black and Blue Mary Martini
Old Number 7 and Ale Boilmakers
(Jack and Coke watch out)
I may finally get Andrew drunk after 30 years of trying, Warning Hand all car keys to valet attendant before entering,

Christmas dinner

Hand rubbed marinated and smoked pork loin and beef brisket with wasabi horseradish crème and cranberry jalapeno chutney
Stevenot Tawny Port
and Lavender Infused Leg of Lamb
Adobe sweet and hot fresh yams
Freshly baked sweet yeast rolls
Pigout bbq baked beans
Down home country buttermilk Cornbread stuffing dressing
Cajun rice dressing
CJ’s sweet and spicy Thai broccoli mandarin peanut salad

Chef Di’s Imfamous Chocolate
Mississipi Mud Sliders
Old Skool Lemon Chiffon Pie
Santa’s Leftover Chimney Cookies
southern bourbon drizzle over hand churned new England vanilla bean ice cream

See what happens when NYC and Baton Rouge meet in CENLA
(central Louisiana)
food will never be the same again!

What kind of fusion cooking could we call this?????????

...New York Knockout
...N'Awlins Indian Fusion
...New York Meets Cream Cheese and Crawfish Collision

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coming to you from NYC and ALWAYS going beyond

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