Monday, August 27, 2007

trend setters

Under the aspices of "You never know who is watching you" or who may be a guest at an event you cater... - well recently we catered a small last minute cocktail party for a childrens book agent. She hosted the party at the Society of Illustrators, a lovely and very familar venue for us. Anyway, it was an early start - 5 pm which in NYC is very early for a cocktail party - and the guests took a while to filter into the club.

For the first 45 minutes there was a very small crowd - but perhaps one person who could end up be very significant, to us anyhow,Faith Popcorn, who is a guru of trends (do a google search on her - very interesting lady - I recognized the name right away) was there. She hardly ate anything but was carefully watching and noticing the presentation of the hors d'ouerves I was passing (I was the only server that night). She asked me if it was my company and then asked for a card and said "I am going to be calling you, my name is Faith Popcorn" I didn't let on that I knew "who" she was, but was very pleasant and told her I looked forward to hearing from her. She indicated that she was extremely blown away by our presentation and food. And trust me, this is a woman who attends thousands of events. She only stayed about 40 minutes, leaving before most of the rest of the guests arrived, but oh was I walking on air by then...

Funny thing is that we only booked this party on Friday and used left over decor (flowers, wheatgrass, etc) from another party we did last wednesday along with of course fresh food and our great array of platters and trays. This particular client didn't really pay for the decor and presentation, but we gave it to her anyhow under the premise of you never know who else may be there and like it and book you for another event and also to make the club look good so they will continue to recommend us. Guess our intuition may have paid off once again.

So does this make us a trend setter?

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