Friday, August 3, 2007

SUMMER 2007 NYC fancy food show at Jacob Javits

This year we finally got around to participating in the Jacob Javits Food show from a different angle, press. Having this blog gave us access to the wonderful world of the press room and lots of brochures, catalogs and a few free samples.

So Dawn and Dennis LaRochelle of Sarada Kosher Catering, Rick and Suzanne Kerzner of Emily's Catering, Chef Andrew and myself meet up at the Javits Center Fancy Food Show and had a blast. High lights from this years show for us were the fabulous hammered cooper products by our new friend Jonathon of Sertodo Cooper. He designs and works with local craftsmen in Mexico to create amazing artisan hammered cooper chafers and catering pieces that are absolutely stunning.

We spent alot of time talking to Jonathon who is the owner and designer and was very receptive to ideas that we had as caterers that would make the line more cater friendly. We bought a few pieces at the end of the show and had to go back to his hotel in order to pick up the inserts which had gotten waylaid in the shipping process (we remembered the agro of being an exhibitor at a show and being at the mercy of fedex)

We now are the proud owners of quite a collection including round spherical globe shaped chafers hand crafted to specs in Mexico by Sertodo Copper

Have to say the cooper was our biggest purchase
and the one we are most thrilled about.

Here's a run down of some of the other cool products we saw

clear chinese to go containers that are food safe!
(Georgia I got the info on them)

Incredible indonesian products including equipment, materials and food
Of course you have to know that both Andrew and I have a love for all things Balinese especially, having spent many monthes traveling and visiting the beautiful and spiritual island of Bali as well as enjoying the nature of Java and Lombok

Sence - Rose Nectar Drink - can see this as a wedding favor
or speciality bar (with or without alcohol)

Grind - super sleek salt and pepper grinders
reasonably priced & great for smaller dinners where you can keep control of the inventory (too easy to put into pocket otherwise)

a fabulous new italian station idea (to be revealed later)

some excellent green tea products

including a really great tea station concept
using blooming tea pearls that open up in a clear glass teapot into stunning blooms with jasmine and other flowers - it's a cross between the aromatic tea and exotic dried flower arrangement in water - one of the most exciting upsell concepts we came across -

flavor infused skewers for both sweet n savory food
great skewer shape - v. good infusion of taste with minimal work.

personalized chocolate covered oreos (and fortune cookies)

juniors cheesecake shots
along with a v. cool stand/holder for them

fabulous organic honeycomb which made for an amazing cheeseboard presentation - anyone want to go in a few pieces out of a case that Dawn and I may order together? They run about $10-12 (wholesale) per honeycomb but really work well on cheeseboard or could do an individual h-d too

Some of The best choocolate truffles we have ever tasted and beautifully crafted and presented. Bulk pack runs about 65 cents each which for the quality was extremely reasonable.

here's what Dawn had to say about the chocolates (we greedily tasted every flavor - the only such indulgence of the whole show because as any veteran food show attendee knows, if you eat everything and don't spit out you will be one sick foodie...

"The chocolate Lisa mentioned (from CFC Chocolatier) was BEYOND BELIEF!!!!! Every flavor I tried was pure Nirvana... and this is coming from a confirmed chocoholic who is EXCEPTIONALLY picky about quality. It was also packaged beautifully and unusually in a box that opens into a "step formation," and could easily be used as is on a dessert buffet. "

Got Milk?? Chocolate syrup made by the San Francisco Chocolate Factory packaged in squeeze bottles with cow prints and the "Got Milk?" logo. Planning on using this at a cheesecake or ice cream station or perhaps as a passed hors d'oeuvre with mini waffles and whipped cream (sort of like the cows in the comforter using the nathans mustard bottle)

trendy flavor profiles

green tea
meyers lemon

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