Sunday, July 22, 2007

Memorial Catering - a blessing in disguise

Did a really interesting event recently, one of those times when it reminds me how blessed we are to be caterers.
- it was a memorial for a African American evangelist Minister, Apostle Lonnie Morrison. There was such warmth and sincerity in the room - you could tell that the man was really someone special and my team and I were enjoying the sense of community.

We gave them a really good deal - this was one of those jobs that was meant to be – because of circumstances when I first got word that they were looking for a caterer via a request they made on, we weren't able to get through to speak to anyone until a day or two later which was only a few days ago.

Anyway, I spoke with the client, who was out of state trying to arrange what of course was a last minute event, for her friend/adopted mother/ mentor, whose husband had passed away, on the phone and via email.

The memorial was for 100 people for the next Saturday and this was on Tuesday afternoon that I spoke to her  and we offered
fork friendly hot comfort food with salads

mac and cheese,
jerk  chicken,
turkey broccoli salad
crab and shrimp pasta salad
country potato salad,
fresh mozzarella with cherry tomato
baby greens with Italian dressing
banana rama dessert
some fruit tartlets,
and fresh fruit, ice tea and coffee
-  easy and light for a hot summers day.

With events like this especially memorials and funerals, you really never have a firm number of people so Andrew actually had extra food ready just in case, because of course they weren't sure how many would actually attend.

We packed up the food that was out for them to take home and later Rena called to thank me again, and to say that a lot of people (who were stuck in traffic diversions) came by the widow's house and it was great to have the food for them, and that people were raving about how delicious and beautiful the luncheon was and that they especially loved the old fashioned country potato salad. Of course as with all events, everyone has their favorite, so it was nice to hear the compliments.

Had a blast decorating the buffets with Reverend Brown. She brought the feathers that she draped across the front of our tablecloths as well as lots of gold ribbon and such. Together we set a mean table. I suggested that they layout the napkins (really nice oversized duni napkins) and forks, knives and spoons at each place setting. It looked nice and meant that people didn’t need to struggle to hold their utensils along with their food plate and drink.

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