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Tutti Fruity Wedding Menus

As a boutique NYC caterer, Cuisinetc is noted for our customized menus

here's a proposal I call the tutti fruity selections

because this california wine country bride was adament

about wanting all the food to be a blend of meat, chicken and fruit...

these menus were an interesting challenge

but as usual the results are mouthwatering...

First & Second Courses
Salads & Appetizers


Set A
Sweet Georgia Martini
Vidalia peach BBQ chicken atop sharp cheddar grits

Strawberry Fields Salad
Tender Baby spinach, buttery croissant croutons,
sugared almonds, with strawberry balsamic vinaigrette served with
skewers of summer berries perched on cucumber crowns

Set B
tutti fruiti trio
….two toned cointreau cantaloupe & honeydew soup sip shot
…..balsamic strawberries & watercress presented on an Asian spoon
….San Joaquin Valley apricot jewels piped with marscapone cream cheese, & cranberry chicken on an endive spear garnished with sundried cranberries & pistachios.

Down Home Caesar
Classic creamy Caesar salad surrounded

by panko crusted macaroni & three cheese lollipops On fresh rosemary skewers

Set C
Flowering Cherry Blossom Martini
Asian green tea laquered duck with cherry blossom salsa and crispy
wonton flowers atop cheesy asiago grits served in a martini glass

Bejeweled Salad
Tender organic baby Spinach & romaine with
mandarin oranges, bejeweled farmstand yellow & red
roasted beets with toasted pinenuts

Set D
Creole Martini
Bourbon Street dirty rice martini with BBQ shrimp creole

Greek Country Salad
Fresh Dill, thinly sliced romaine and red onion, crumbled oregano
and feta salsa spilling out of a individual brioche bread basket
topped with crispy sour dough garlic croutons

Set E
Mac and Cheese Gone Nuts
Julienne of smoked turkey & candied peppered pecan
atop mac and cheese soufflé with crispy Tabasco onions

Sweetheart Salad
Hearts of Crispy Romaine, sweet summer strawberries,
St Andre Triple Crème Brie & cinnamon sugar almonds
with balsamic black sesame seed dressing

Set F
the Brides Star Studded Delight

Joanna’s favorite waldorf chicken in tender flaky croissant cup
garnished with fresh carrot and jicama stars

Santa Rosa Caesar
Tender Romaine with sour dough Parmesan croutons & crispy neiman farms bacon, tossed in our signature Caesar Dressing, topped with fresh avocado, lime & red onion salsa

Set G
Pacific Rim Duet
A Duo of Wasabi Smoked Salmon “sushi” with Seared Ahi Tuna
Tatare glazed with sesame oil, confetti of tri colored peppers,
wasabi & ginger creme served in wonton lotus flowers

Mandarin Stir Fry Salad
Tender organic baby spinach with a hint of mixed field greens
topped with a colorful medley of snow peas, waterchestnuts,
bean sprouts and mandarin oranges, stir fried in sesame oil
with orange ginger miso dressing.

Set H
Tuscan Toast
Garlic Sautéed Broccoli rabe, grilled chicken apple sausage,
julienne of sundried tomato, roasted garlic & bow tie pasta drizzled
with chardonnary & pomegranate syrup garnished with pasta twill
presented in a oversized wine glass

Taste of the Bubbly
Grapefruit Glazed Seared Diver scallops on bed of leeks with
champagne beurre blanc atop a scallop shell “plate”

Plated Dinner Service


Main Course Possibilities
…….Tournedo of Filet of mignon with cherry port demi-glace accompanied
by a Duet of twisted mashed sweet potato & roasted garlic mashed potato.
(think of a swirl of ice cream and ask us how we perform this magic – can also be done with purple and white potatoes)

……..Boneless Prime Rib with shitake mushroom and apricot duxelle

……..Balsamic Lavender Grilled Tri Tip
With rosemary and peppercorn roasted baby new potatoes

……..Gilroy Elephant Garlic, oregano & Meyer Lemon New York Strip Steak
With parmesan tri-colored orzo with roasted vegetables

……..Grilled Tri Tip of Beef with Thyme and Peach Bourbon Chutney

……..Tequila Marinated Tenderloin (filet mignon) of Beef - Jicama Mango Salsa accompanied by piquant creamy chipotle sweet potato soufflé

……..Urbana Bing Cherry Filet with cherry Brandy, sherry-infused portebello mushrooms, and Ten Cane Rum cream sauce, served with multigrain quinoa pilaf

……..Ying yang of Filet mignon & Pork Tenderloin Wrapped around Creamy Sweet Potato Napped with Blackberry Ginger Chutney
(for Joanna’s plate we would do only filet and no pork)

Vegetable choices select one or two depending on main course
……..Julienned carrot & zucchini with sautéed sweet 100 cherry tomato
……..haricot vert and wild mushroom sauté
……..yellow and green haricot vert with meyer lemon zest, Gilroy garlic & thyme
……..portebello & shitake mushroom with green peppercorns and capers
……..roasted parsnips with herb butter
…… scented roasted candied red and yellow beets
……..Lavender scented vegetable medley – best of market
……..Roasted Farmstand Asparagus with lavender butter

other vegetable possibilities will present themselves
as we pick the rest of the menu

Seafood Alternative - 20% fish alternative
Cedar planked salmon with jicama lime black bean salsa
Shrimp and Mussels Marinara with Sauteed Tomato & Roasted Peppers
Sautéed Tilipia with Puntanesca Caper and Olive sauce
Catfish Tacos with Mango Salsa, avocado and lime crema
Ginger Sesame Crusted Red Snapper - Black Sesame & Cucumber Salsa
Salmon Roulade with Scallop Mousseline – scallion & carrot Confetti

(served with sides and vegetables from meat course)

In regards to the childrens food, your suggestion of housemade chicken tenders would work well coupled with mac and cheese and broccoli and carrot sticks which kids seem to enjoy. The appetizer /salad course for the children would be a strawberry fruit kebab. We recently catered a 90th birthday party and the guest of honor had 12 great grandchildren who went crazy over the luscious giant strawberries.

Dessert: the Final Indulgence…………
after Dancing and Music

Cupcake Wedding Cake

Rivers of chocolate dipping pond
with fresh fruitand berries, marshmallows,
cream puffs, rice krispie treats ,
petit cookies, meringues and lots
of other goodies including

rice krispie sushi - candy sushi photos courtesy of Chef Eric

nostalgic candy display

twinkie sushi - photo courtesy of Chef Eric

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