Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Cloisters at the Church of the Intersession

When one of CuisinEtc's good friends and long time client,

called amid the madness of March and April to ask us

to cater her daughters graduation celebration

we agreed on the date and decided that neither of us

had time at that point to suss out the menu.

Having worked together catering many events

at the magnificant Neo Gothic

Church of the Intersession

for the last 5 or 6 years,

both of us were confident and happy

to just book the date

and figure out the details and menu

when the time was right.

the cherub overlooking the cheese display fit right into the cloisters

Kira's favorite color is purple, she loves polka dots - and she wanted a special cake that was a stack of presents
so Mom found the perfect cake designer Lora Hollien
the stack of presents cake was a huge hit
and fit in well with CuisinEtc"s bold designs and colors

presents and candy -
what more could a young woman want

the details of bows, ribbons
and polka dots is incredible!
Lis and Kira infront of the rivers of chocolate dipping pond
note the polka dotted dress Kira is wearing

in keeping with the purple and pink theme, Chef Andrew's hors d'oeuvres station was skirted in sparkling purple with colorful hat boxes serving as riser to hide the work going on behind. Sometimes it makes sense to have the chef right out on the floor preparing and finishing the hors d'oeuvres in front of guests. They love the interaction, smells and visuals and it means the food is not traveling through halls and corridors before it reaches the guests.

Chef commented on the lovely cool breeze that
despite the hot day,
he was grateful because
it was one of the few times
he had a cool comfortable space to work from
sassy Southern Indian samosas
peaking out from behind the screen

auntie dai's dumplings served on pink asian spoons

Waitress Shadia Wilkins consults with Chef Andrew Crossan -
which hors d'oeuvres platter
to pass around next
Chef Andrew Crossan working
the action hors d'oeuvres station
at Kira's Graduation Party

Rivers of Milk and Dark Chocolate with Lots of Dippable Goodies including Baby Banana, Marshmellows, Fresh Driscoll Strawberries, Cookies, Biscottis, Wafers, Honey Whole Wheat Pretzel Sticks and MORE.......

it was Kira's party and she got to cut to the head of the line!

the Reverend and some of his sweet flock

kids of all ages enjoy this CHOCOLATE AND CANDY indulgence
you know they say that dark chocolate is a "healthy indulgence"

New York State of Mind Menu A
Passed Hot and Room Temperature Temptations

...teriyaki steak biscuitgrilled teriyaki steak with sweet chili jam & greens
in a country basket decorated with botanicals

...pot of gold mac and cheese balls
delicious mac and cheese with a touch of

black pepper provolone cheese, breaded with panko
& fried for that delicious fun twist on a traditional favorite

...cows in the comforter
aka pigs in the blanket but with kosher all beef hot dogs,
served in a catchers mitt

in a field of wheatgrass with mustard dip bbq meatballspetit cocktail meatballs with orange – bbq glaze
...auntie dai’s dumplingssteamed chicken and veggie dumplings
passed on asian spoons with wasabi- soy sauce

...coco loco chicken
panko & coconut chicken tenders served with apricot mustard (can be done without coconut too more Italian or wingless dinger hot boneless breaded chicken with blue cheese dip or grilled chicken with soy ginger glaze

...sassy samosas
a signature favorite of crispy cumin scented potatoe triangles
served with our infamous coconut cilantro chutney


~eurotrash spinach quesadillas - with fresh spinach, swiss & carmelized mushrooms
~baby shrimp with sundried tomato & peppered provolone on a multigrain quesadilla

~american gigilio quesadillas grilled cheese, crispy bacon, tomato and scallions. the best grilled cheese ever!!!


  1. Usually when hosting an affair, the day is an exhausting blur. Still kinda blurry but not so exhausting with Lisa Tigar and her CuisinEtc staff at the helm. I was incapacitated from a few accidents and I had no concerns regarding turning this event over to the very capable hands of Lisa. The attention to detail is impeccable, no stone left unturned, they cover it all. As you can see from the photos, the presentation is flawless.
    People are still calling about the fabulous food, especially the River of Chocolate Dessert Bar.
    Trying to think of an excuse for another party but I'm fresh outta kids. :-)

  2. Lisa, sorry I misspelled your name, it's early...

  3. Lisa--Thank you for the compliments on the cake. I'm so glad we had this opportunity to meet--you were an absolute pleasure to work with. Unfortunately, I've been checking out all the different menus and pictures you've posted here, and now I'm hungry!

  4. Lisa: everything was simply fabulous! the food, the decor, the service!!! thanks for making this happen! it was a pleasure meeting with you and look forward to working with you in the future! have a marvelous summer. great pics!!!